9 Women on Their Biggest Fashion Splurge (and Whether or Not They Regret It)

Whether you skipped your daily Starbucks for months to save up for a new handbag, or you dipped into savings to impulse buy a fancy pair of sunglasses, you’re probably familiar with the idea of a fashion splurge. We certainly are, which is why we polled nine real women about some of their most expensive purchases—and whether or not they regret them.

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woman wearing platform sandals

The Too-Small Miu Miu Platforms…

“I had been on the hunt for a pair of 70s-ish platform sandals forever, when I finally found a Miu Miu pair I liked on The Real Real. They were black suede, and had a walkable 3.5-inch heel. I justified the purchase—not knowing how Miu Miu shoes fit—because they were on sale (but still pretty expensive). Turns out, they run small, and I ended up missing the return window. So now I’m stuck with them. What did I learn? Don’t splurge on something just because it’s marked down from its original price.” - Sarah

…And The Too-Small Miu Miu Brogues

“Many years ago, a friend very kindly offered me her employee discount at a big department store after I practically foamed at the mouth over a pair of metallic silver Miu Miu brogues. They had a cool almond-shaped toe, delicate gray laces and were so shiny they were almost mirror-like. They were also expensive, especially for a 20-something at the very beginning of her career, even with the discount. But I transferred the hundreds out of my savings and into a Venmo request for my friend. And guess what? Every time I wore those damn shoes I got a blister. Or multiple. Or I had to change shoes halfway through the day to walk down the hall at my office. I bought a half-size too small, so I could only wear these flat shoes without socks. And boy was that a mistake. Fast-forward about two months (plus a dozen more blisters) and I finally decided to list the Miu Mius on The Real Real. To be honest, I still think about them sometimes...” - Dena

woman wearing stuart weitzman boots
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The Stuart Weitzman Boots

“I compromised with my husband: If I wrote all of the thank-you notes from our wedding, he’d buy me a pair of Stuart Weitzman boots. I did the notes, and he bought the boots, and I love them. The only thing I regret is not buying them for myself. Why? Because I work hard and deserve them—not because I bargained for them.” - Lindsey

The Bracelet That Could’ve Been an Hermès Bag

“My husband came home from his bachelor party having won $1,700 gambling and offered to buy me something pretty. Exhilarated, I asked if we could first swing by a vintage store down the street to visit a canvas Hermès Kelly bag. It ended up being $1,750 and while he said it was fine, I felt guilty buying something more expensive than his winnings. We had the honeymoon to pay for, after all. So, we went to the Brentwood Country Mart in L.A. (home of the most up-charged items ever) and popped into a jewelry store. We perused for an hour until I got overwhelmed and decided to go with a very simple, thin gold bracelet with probably .2 carats of pavé diamonds. (Fun fact: The saleswoman told my husband it was ugly while my back was turned.) I love it and still wear it every day, but every time I look at it, I can't help but think I probably could have had my jeweler make the exact same thing for $300. With age comes wisdom, I suppose, but I should have gone with the Kelly.” - Lex

woman carrying a ysl bag

The YSL Bag

“The YSL bag I was going to get was fashion-forward and crazy, but I ended up getting a regular, plain ol’ black one. Now, every fall when I take it out and it still holds up (without looking dated) I'm beyond happy.” - Mary Kate

The Diamond Studs

“I recently bought myself a pair of diamond stud earrings from Tiffany’s. I completely stand by my purchase because, even though they were pricey, I work hard, I’ll wear them all the time and they’ll never go out of style. My general rule of thumb with splurges is that as long as it’s something that won’t go out of style, you should treat yourself.” - Allison

woman wearing gucci loafers
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The Gucci Loafers

“My biggest fashion splurge was a pair of Gucci loafers—you know the ones. Were they expensive? Sure, but they are so classic, and I 100 percent stand behind my decision to buy them.” - Liz

The First 'Adult' Bag

“When I got my first job out of college, I felt like I needed to make an 'adult' purchase. I didn’t have a nice work bag, so I bought one from 3.1 Phillip Lim. It’s really beautiful and I still love it but it’s just not practical for everyday wear and I’m a little bummed I spent as much money on it as I did. Ah, the choices we make at 22…” - Maggie

The Luxe Sunglasses

“A year ago, I fell absolutely in love with a pair of Prada sunglasses in the store. Of course, by the time I looked at the price, it was already too late, and I couldn’t not have them. So, I ended up saving up for a few months and splurged. All my friends think I’m insane for wanting to spend $410 on sunglasses, but I wear them every single day, rain or shine. They are my favorite accessory and totally worth the price tag.” - Alex

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