This New Sports Bra Is a Game-Changer for Ladies with Big Boobs

lululemon enlite bra hero1

Sports-bra shopping isn’t something anyone considers fun, but it presents a particular challenge for ladies with larger boobs. Bras that are actually supportive are either overly constricting or look like something your great-great-grandmother wore during the war.

That’s why we were so jazzed to discover Lululemon’s new Enlite bra. We’re not exaggerating when we say it's kinda magical.

It took a team of female engineers two years to develop this model, which is comfortable enough to wear all day long, doesn't give you that dreaded uni-boob situation and comes in a whopping 20 sizes.

So far we've worn it for a circuit workout, Pilates and spin class and never had to adjust. The bra is sleekly designed (the criss-cross back will make you want to ditch your tank top), supportive without being suffocating and never digs into your shoulders or rib cage.

At $98 it’s certainly not cheap, but if you’re a lady who works out even semi-regularly and wears a C-cup or larger, it’s well worth the splurge.

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