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This Is the Bag Youre About to See Everywhere in Dallas

La viajera (n.): the woman traveler. See also: the new brand of mochila bag sold in East Dallas by travel-obsessed girl boss Kate Garrett. But the coolest thing about this accessory? By the time it lands in your closet, it’s already traveled thousands of miles and has quite the story to tell, so listen up.

Colombian mochila bags are a tradition of the Wayuu people, whose vibrant hand-woven designs are sold and worn all over the country and often used as beach bags by tourists. La Viajera bags start out the same way (created by Colombian artisans), but after arriving in Dallas, designers add leather detailing—and fringe—to make the bags more durable for everyday use…and because who can resist fringe?

In addition to the bags' one-of-kind designs and cool origin, you can seriously fit your whole makeup drawer inside. But if you’re not Mary Poppins-ing it, there’s a miniature design perfect for the minimalist who just wants to carry her phone, lip gloss, keys and ID.

La Viajera is sold exclusively at Jade & Clover in Dallas and Casa Nova Gallery in Santa Fe. The bags will also be available at a pop-up shop at Abi Ferrin in the West Village August 24 to 27.

And, of course, you can shop the brand online. Enter code DALLASITE if you live in town and Kate will arrange a free delivery so you don’t have to pay shipping fees. How’s that for customer service?

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