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Ah, tights. The glorious fall staple you can just throw on and go, right? Wrong. Though they go with most everything in your closet, tights do require a certain amount of styling finesse. Here, our five best tips for not looking like a second-grader on school picture day. 

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Make Sure The Tights Are in Tip-Top Shape

No runs. No knee wrinkles. No sweat stains. The first step to ladylike dressing is always proper care. Before slipping them on, give your hose a once-over and check for any unsightly damages.

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Wear Opaque Tights With Miniskirts and Heels

The more leg you show, the heavier the weave should be. By wearing thicker tights you’ll not only visually elongate your gams but also minimize the risk of showing an inevitable run.


Opt for Sheer Tights With Knee-High Boots

When only a sliver of leg is showing, a pair of silkier tights will help separate your skirt from your boots.


Choose Patterned Tights With Midi Hemlines

Lacy designs and fishnets are best seen from the calves down. Save them for your sleek pencil skirts and longer overcoats. Your ankles will be the stars of the show.


Swap Ballet Flats for Ankle Boots

A surefire way to look like an 11-year-old: Wear your tights with ballet flats. There’s something about the angle of the ankles that just doesn’t work. A much chicer flat option is a tough pair of boots.

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