Can I Wear Tights with Open-Toed Shoes?

Yes, if you follow these four rules

The temps have started to dip, but you’re just not quite ready to put away those fabulous stacked sandals you wore all summer. If you’ve ever wondered if you could extend their wear with tights, the answer is yes. There are just a few key rules to follow.


Make Sure Your Tights Look New

No pilling at the toes or overstretched patches in the heels. You’ll have a lot of eyeballs on these areas, so make sure your nylons are fresh and clean.


Disguise Your Toe Seam

Pull the tights back far enough so the seam moves under your toes, just before the ball of your foot. That way you have a smooth surface peeking out.


Avoid Ankle Puddling

While you’re pulling back the toe seam, also stretch the entire length of the tights up as high as they can go. You want taught, clean lines--no loose, wrinkly ankles.


Choose Your Shoes Wisely

Not just any old slingback can pull off this look. Your best bet is to go with attention-grabbing shoes (think: stacked '70s platforms or peep-toe ankle booties). Anything too delicate or basic will look like a mistake, rather than a statement.

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