7 Ways to Wear More Color If 90% of Your Wardrobe Is Black

Listen, we’re not here to knock an all-black wardrobe. We love an all-black wardrobe. But there is the rare occasion when you need to shake things up. If you’re interested in injecting the slightest bit of color into your day-to-day look, read on for seven simple ways to do so.

The Shy Gal’s Guide to Wearing Bold Prints

how to wear more color navy
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Swap One Black Piece For Navy

Forget what you heard: You can (and should) wear black and navy together. The combination is an unexpected twist that adds a little dimension, plus it’s not too far out of your all-black comfort zone. Think of this as a relatively low lift where adding color is concerned.

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how to wear more color white
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Pair White With Black

OK, depending on where you stand on color theory, white may or may not even be a color. Regardless, we’re taking baby steps here. To keep the black pants and white button-down from looking too waiter-y, toss a black jacket or blazer on top and undo a few of the shirt’s buttons.

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how to wear more color neutrals
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Then Dip Your Toe Into Neutrals

You’ve tackled white and navy, so classic neutrals are a natural next step. Instead of wearing black on top and bottom, nix one of those pieces for blush, gray or camel, which are different without being too loud.

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how to wear more color coat
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Wear A Colorful Coat

While there’s nothing subtle about this topper, the vibrancy of it actually does a service to your black-on-black attire—making it look like a complementary canvas rather than your usual thrown-on-and-go look.

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how to wear more color shoes
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Wear Bright Shoes

You know those fashion kicks you desperately love but worry they’re too “out there” to wear? We’d argue that all-noir is the most perfect base to finally make them work.

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how to wear more color bag
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Or A Bold Bag

Same goes for a statement handbag, which instantly becomes the focus of your outfit.

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how to wear more color monochromatic
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Wear A Monochromatic Look

We know what you’re thinking: I thought we were taking baby steps! Hear us out: Wearing all one color is easy and chic—it’s part of the reason you wear all black, no? The same principals apply to a bolder monochromatic look. For a more casual vibe, tuck a colored tee into trousers of the same color and you’re good to go.

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