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If you only wear hats at baseball games, in the rain and on bad hair days, we say it’s time to rethink the versatile accessory. We looked to the wardrobe-organizing experts at Finery and style maven Alicia Quarles to show us just how to start bringing hats into our everyday outfits. And why? Because Quarles’s amazing closet is (ahem) brimming with them. Here are the top tips we learned from the exclusive closet tour (and maybe some light Insta stalking).

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start with a simple style how to wear a hat alicia quarles finery

Start With a Simple Style

A floppy wide-brim hat is universally flattering and super easy to toss on with a breezy dress during the warm months. Try hats on in store to find one that drapes nicely around your face, and don’t be afraid to rotate the whole thing in order to nail it. (No one will know the tag is now sitting on the side of your head instead of squarely in the back.)

try every shape size style how to wear a hat alicia quarles finery

Try All Shapes and Sizes

Your BFF looks like a natural in fedoras while you end up looking like a Jason Mraz wannabe. Some styles are just better on certain face shapes. Instead of giving up on hats all together, test out every variety you can find: berets, newsboy caps, bucket hats, turbans, bowlers. Trust us: There is a style out there for everyone.

swap you winter beanie how to wear a hat alicia quarles finery

Switch Up Your Go-To Winter Hat

Yes, you love your pom-pom beanie and it looks fabulous with your favorite wool coat. But guess what? So will a wide-brim wool topper. The warm fabric maintains that cozy feeling, the style easily upgrades a jeans-and-boots look and (bonus!) the shape will give your face additional protection from snowfall.

embrace the natural style how to wear a hat alicia quarles finery1

Don’t Fight the Hat’s Natural Vibe

A baseball cap will always look better with a sporty athleisure outfit. Embrace the style of your headwear and you’ll be guaranteed to look 100 percent on point.

have fun how to wear a hat alicia quarles finery

Let Go and Have Some Fun

Every new trend can feel intimidating the first time you try it. Is this hat too much? Am I wearing this right? Was that guy staring at me on the subway because I look ridiculous? Go with the flow and wear that cap with confidence—not because you know it’s covering up your three-day-old blowout, but because you now have a newfound sartorial skill.

If you want to see more of Quarles’s signature style and shop her look, head over to Finery for exclusive access to all her must-have pieces.

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