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Short, petite, vertically challenged. Whatever you call it, you weren’t blessed in the height department. You might think that means you’re relegated to a life of wearing sky-high heels, but you’re not. You can actually—if you can believe it—wear flats (gasp!) without looking even smaller.

The trick? Cuff your pants, so you’re showing off just a bit of ankle.

woman wearing cuffed pants and flats
Christian Vierig/Getty Images

It’s counterintuitive, but cuffing your pants gives the illusion that they’re too short. (Whereas, if you let your hems meet your shoes, you can look like you’re drowning in fabric.) Plus, like your forearms and wrists, your ankles are one of the most slender parts of your body—perfect for showing off. 

Ahh, so much comfier.

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