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3 Easy Ways to Fake an Hourglass Figure
John Shearer/Getty Images

Good news: Creating a shapely figure doesn’t necessarily require a thousand squats or sit-ups (or, you know, God-given curves). All it takes is a few subtle tweaks in the way you dress.

1. Look for embellishments on your tops. Particularly on the sleeves and shoulders. Large lapels, voluminous sleeves or fluttery fabrics give the impression of broader shoulders and a smaller waist. 

2. Wear a belt. It’s one of the oldest tricks in the book (but it works). Use a belt to cinch in your waist. The bigger the belt (and the more billowy the top or dress), the tinier your waist will look.

3. Be strategic about your bottoms. Skip the skinny jeans in favor of some high-waisted culottes or an A-line skirt instead. The goal is to give your lower body more volume to further emphasize that coveted waist-to-hip ratio.


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