Let’s talk about shoes. Specifically, how we can’t get enough of them…and how that can sometimes make a dent in our bank account. As such, we’re well acquainted with a little store called DSW, where we can always count on a massive selection of shoes at killer prices. But it turns out, there are ways to score even more deals. Read on for five helpful tips and hacks for shopping at the Designer Shoe Warehouse.

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Know What the Tag Colors Mean
Like at T.J. Maxx, different tag colors mean different things. At DSW, purple tags mean a pair of shoes is 20 percent off, red means 30 percent off, blue means 50 percent off and green means 70 percent off. Less common are yellow tags, which mean a pair of shoes is a whopping 80 percent off (essentially, you’ve hit the lottery). Remember these colors when shopping to know whether or not a particular pair has hit its lowest price or you should wait it out for another markdown.

Focus on Clearance but Don’t Neglect Regular-Priced Stuff
The shoes marked with the aforementioned stickers are obviously a major draw at DSW but instead of beelining to the back of the store and shopping only the sale racks, stroll through the regular aisles, too. That’s because, hiding among the regularly priced shoes, there are often even more clearance items scattered around.

Follow DSW on Facebook
Lots of brands encourage you to follow them on social media, but DSW is one that could really pay off. In addition to announcing sales and offering coupons, DSW’s Facebook page hosts the occasional Tuesday giveaway, called “Shoesday,” when you have the chance to win a pair of shoes for participating in a trivia contest. Worth it, if you ask us.

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Don’t Shop Only for Shoes
DSW might stand for Designer Shoe Warehouse, but that doesn’t mean you should overlook the often-great selection of designer bags and accessories at the front of the store. Like with most discount stores, the merchandise that’s available on any given day can be hit or miss, but it’s worth taking a quick peek if it means scoring a Cole Haan backpack for almost 50 percent off.

Join DSW Rewards
DSW’s customer loyalty program is a must for loyal shoppers. It’s free to enroll, and you’ll earn a $10 coupon for every $150 you spend. You’ll also get free shipping on online orders over $35, exclusive coupons, sale notifications and a $5 coupon on your birthday.

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