The 15 Top-Rated Black Tights for Women, According to the Internet

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Ugh, it happened again. We tore a hole in our precious black tights. (On the second wear, we might add.) How does one go about solving this perpetual issue? The best thing you can do is to stock up on the top-rated, editor-approved brands rather then the inexpensive drugstore tights that seem to rip just from receiving a sideways glance. Here, 15 of the best reviewed black tights on the internet, guaranteed not to snag, stretch or ladder after one measly wear.

The Best Black Tights for Women at a Glance

wolford neon 40 best black tights for women

1. Wolford Neon 40 Denier Shimmer Tights

Best For Everyday Wear

With an almost perfect five-star rating both at Nordstrom and Bare Necessities, these Wolford tights are a fabulous combination of comfortable and durable, with just enough compression to smooth your silhouette without feeling suffocating by day’s end. And while $49 may seem like a lot for a pair of tights, multiple reviewers mention owning and wearing the same pair for not just months on end, but years—a mighty impressive feat for something so delicate. Per one self-proclaimed Wolford addict, “Yes, they are expensive, but if you’re someone who wears tights and hose almost every day like I do they are a must-have! They are more durable than other brands but you still need to be careful, take off any jewelry that might snag the tights.”

Available in sizes XS to L

nude barre best black tights for women
Nude Barre

2. Nude Barre 12pm Footed Opaque Tights

Best for Plus Sizes

For anyone looking for a plus-size option that isn’t horrifically constricting, Nude Barre has got you covered. The high-rise on these easy-on tights offer enough control to smooth your silhouette without venturing into shapewear territory. Reviewers rave about their durability and the super-soft material. Plus, there are 12 other nude shades to choose from, if you’re in the market for non-black tights. Per one repeat customer, “This is my 4th pair in two years, they last last last so well! I wear mine almost daily, especially in the winter bc my wardrobe is mostly skirts/dresses. The thickness is perfect for colder weather and I love that they are seamless!”

Available in sizes S to 5XL

skims full control best black tights for women

3. Skims Full Control Tights

Best for Petites

Jeans, jumpsuits and trousers can all be hemmed, but we have yet to find a trick for shortening tights so the fabric doesn’t pool at our ankles. And while we would highly recommend Skims tights for just about anybody, for the 5-foot and under crowd, they’re especially handy. The smallest size is designed specifically for anyone between 4’11” and 5’3” and/or those under 100 pounds, meaning petite ladies wont’t have to pull them up past their bosom or deal with bunching at the knees or ankles. “These tights are so soft and comfortable it is a pleasure to wear them” says one 60-year-old fan. “The control top keeps them snug at the waist so they don’t slide down. I wore them at work for 12 hours straight and never had to adjust them.”

Available in sizes XXS to 4X

hue opaque tights best black tights for women
Bare Necessities

4. Hue Opaque Tights

Best for Tall and Long Lengths

On the flip side, for tights that are truly long enough to fit comfortably on 5'9" frames and taller without the need for constant stretching and adjusting, try this Hue pair. Four of the five sizes offered fit women up to 6-feet in height, but multiple reviewers above the 6-foot mark say they found these comfortable and easy to pull on. One review reads, “I'm 5'10" with long legs and some curves, and these are the best tights I've found. The color range is good, the material is quality and comfortable, the length is good, and they have good, soft stretch. These are probably the only tights I've tried that don't give me that sausage in a casing feeling!” (Psst, Hue's Super-Opaque Control-Top Tights and Long Tall Sally's 80 Denier Tights were pretty close runners up, if you’re looking for additional options.)

Available in sizes 1 to 5 (roughly 4'11" or 100 pounds to 6' or 300 pounds)

snag opaque black best black tights for women

5. Snag Opaque Tights

Greatest Size Range

Shopping for tights if you’re petite and plus size or long and lean or have a bigger booty isn’t so simple as just following the height/weight size charts so many hosiery brands provide. For those who feel like they don’t quite fit on that typical scale, there’s Snag. This Nevada-based tights company offers seven different sizes that take into account your height, weight and body type for a much better fit. While the website doesn’t have a review section, fans of the brand are very vocal on social media, praising both the quality of the tights and the brand’s dedication to inclusivity.

Available in sizes AB to G (roughly 2 to 32, with Petite and Tall)

wolford velvet deluxe best black tights for women
Saks Fifth Ave

6. Wolford Velvet De Luxe 50

Most Comfortable

For those days when you care less about sucking everything in and more about just keeping your legs warm, try these beauties. This classic pair offers no compression or shaping, just cozy comfort (without any slipping), so you can pull them on in a jiffy and head out the door to get your day started rather than wrestling with a control-top. And while they don’t come cheap, multiple reviewers mention owning and wearing the same pair for multiple years. Take it from one Wolford convert, “I have hesitated for a couple of years to buy tights that were so expensive but I began to wonder if I were missing out on something great. I was. They fit beautifully as in not too short and no wrinkling at the ankles.” One thing to note: Some found these ran long and suggest sizing down if you’re on the shorter side or between sizes.

Available in sizes XS to XL

commando ultimate opaque best black tights for women

7. Commando Ultimate Opaque Matte Tights

Most Opaque

Sometimes you just need a pair of tights that could almost double as pants (almost). As the same suggests, this Commando style is about as solid and matte in color as you can get and have a very dense, tight knit to ensure a true black even as they stretch to fit your curves. “I was looking for an opaque tight that was truly opaque and very black, even when I was sitting down. These tights are not only very black and very opaque (even around the knees) but they are surprisingly comfortable too,” says one Oregon-based fan. “The waistband hugs your body without feeling binding and they maintain their shape very nicely. I will definitely buy them again.” Note, if you’re between sizes we suggest choosing the smaller of the two.

Available in sizes S to XL

sheertex best black tights for women

8. Sheertex Essential Sheer Tights

Most Durable

Sheertex bills itself as making the world’s strongest tights and has plenty of videos and demonstrations to prove it’s the real deal. Long nails, stiletto heels and even sharp diamond rings all fail to snag these incredibly durable nylons. So if you’re the type who doesn’t want to be precious with your nylons, these are well worth the investment. Plus, they come in seven sizes to ensure a better fit, and you can buy them in packs of two or three if you wear dresses or skirts often. As for comfort? “I have super sensitive skin and often can't wear anything fitted but these are so comfy and really sturdy,” reads one five-star review. “I trust these tights won’t run, which gives me such peace of mind at work, and have recommended them to anyone and everyone who will listen. Highly recommend.”

Available in sizes XS to 3X

spanx tummy shaping best black tights for women

9. Spanx Tummy Shaping Tights

Best for Tummy Control

Occasionally, shapewear is necessary, but more than often, it’s incredibly uncomfortable. But not anymore: Reviewers swear that these are tummy toning and leg shaping without leaving you with the feeling of not being able to breathe. “Probably the most comfortable tights ever,” reads one review. “Love the band on top. It prevents that awkward muffin top that is common with tights.”

Available in sizes A to E (roughly 4'10" or 95 pounds to 6' or 265 pounds)

spanx tight end best black tights for women

10. Spanx Tight-end Tights

Best for Long Days

Is there anything Spanx can’t do? With a collective five stars across the namesake site and Amazon, reviewers write that these stockings are warm, soft, cozy, and many even say they’ll leave them on once they’re back home because of how comfortable they are (the true litmus test). Take it from a flight attendant who has been wearing them for years, “I have been wearing Spanx tights for years, they’re truly the only product I wear for work. I recommend them to all my coworkers because they are durable and resist runs or snags compared to regular panty hose.” They also have the added bonus of providing a little booty lift and smoothing along the thighs. The only downside? They can run short, so long-legged ladies, you’ve been warned.

Available in sizes A to E (roughly 4'10" or 95 pounds to 6' or 265 pounds)

spanx mama mid tight shaping best black tights for women

11. Spanx Mama Tights

Best For Maternity

We wouldn’t compile this list without keeping in mind the mamas-to-be. Instead of looking for standard pairs that you hope can stretch, try this maternity option, made with soft yarn that easily expands to accommodate your changing shape throughout pregnancy. Reviewers write that they purchased based on their pre-belly size and are able to wear them well into their third trimester. Per one happy mama, “These tights, along with the Spanx maternity leggings, were the most used items throughout my pregnancy. For work or going out with friends, these always made me feel like a normal woman, and they don’t fall down. I'm so happy Spanx offers these!”

Available in sizes A to D (roughly 4'10' or 95 pounds to 6' or 220 pounds)

plush fleece lined best black tights for women

12. Plush Fleece-lined Tights

Best For Freezing Temps

If it’s dropping into single digits, but you’re dying to wear that dress you got for Christmas, may we suggest these ultra-warm tights? Reviewers rave about how much warmer these, lined with a thin layer of snuggly fleece, are than traditional tights, without becoming uncomfortable or looking bulky. “Feels like giving your legs a warm yet breathable hug all day,” says ones happy customer. “They don’t add any bulk at all, which is amazing. Thus far they haven’t pilled (after four washes), and feel quite durable. I haven't experienced any issue with the waistband creeping down, at all. Highly recommend.”

Available in sizes S to L

hanes alive best black tights for women

13. Hanes Alive Control-top Pantyhose

Highest-Rated at Macy’s

Macy’s has long had an impressive lingerie selection, offering a wider size range than many other department stores, so of course we had to see which tights the store’s dedicated shoppers love most. Our research led us to these Hanes tights, which feature a full-support control top, graduated compression through the legs and a reinforced toe. All of which explains precisely why they have so many fans. One reviewer who’s job requires her to be on her feet for most of the day says, “These are very comfortable, even after a long day. I often leave them on when I get home from work. The graduated compression makes my legs feel invigorated all day long.”

Available in sizes A to F (roughly 4'10 to 6' or 95 to 190 pounds)

Amazon tights: A pair of legs in black tights and boots

14. Manzi Run-resistant Control-top Opaque Tights

Highest-Rated at Amazon

These inexpensive tights have almost 5,000 reviews at Amazon, the overwhelming majority of which are five stars. They don’t offer much in the way of a control top, but are reportedly super comfy and breathable for all-day wear. Plus, the less compressive fit means they can stretch to accommodate a growing belly if you’re pregnant or super-long legs if you’re tall. “I technically bought a size too big based on their chart, but I was very happy with what I received,” reads one review. “I’ve gone through lots of tights in my days, but these have been my favorite. The material is strong but breathable. And when they say ‘run resistant’ they mean it. They fit securely all day, never sagged or stretched out. Even when I took them off after a long day of a lot of walking they recoiled back to shape and looked like new.”

Available in sizes XS to XL

jcrew solid opaque best black tights for women

15. J.crew Solid Opaque Tights

Editor Favorite

I’ve routinely purchased one or two pairs of J.Crew tights every winter for the past eight or so years. As someone who’s known to snag a pair of stockings or two, these are my absolute favorite. At 5’10” I sometimes have difficulty finding affordable tights that can accommodate my longer legs but these fit just right. They’re comfortable, not itchy, and don’t roll at the waistband. There is some compression, given that they’re tights, but not so much that they feel restrictive. And while I have had to replace my sheer pairs each year due to small tears and rips, my solid opaque pairs have been going strong for multiple winters in a row now. I highly recommend.

Available in sizes XS to L

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