Cue the Game of Thrones jokes. Winter is, indeed, coming. And you're going to have a whole lot of days wearing a whole lot of down. To help in the quest of chic-ifying our lives, here are a few tips on looking sharp, however frightful the weather.

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Let Your Socks Be the Star of the Show

Remember that little thing we told you about socks and ankle boots? It doesn't apply here. For high-top, all-weather boots, you want to create obvious layers and a look of coziness.


Do the Same with Tights and Skirts

When you have no other choice but to wear a heavy-duty boot, the socks will help the outfit make sense. Just look for a dressier, more delicate style.

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Consider a Different Shape

You don't have to stick with the same classic Bean boots that everyone else wears. We love this little low ankle boot (which, conversely, requires low socks).

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Swap Excessive Fur for Excessive Color

Those shearling-trimmed snow clompers are tired. These color-blocked rubber joints are not.


Embrace Color Regardless

OK, OK. You're a ride-or-die lover of shearling. But you can, in fact, shake things up beyond that played-out tan. May we suggest rust? 

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