Sure, shoveling your driveway and scrutinizing your heating bill are some of the biggest hassles during the winter season. But, let’s be honest: trying to dress cute while sporting massive snow boots is also pretty high on the list. When in doubt, follow these few tips.

Look for a Pop of Color

According to popular opinion, the best snow boots for women are some version of the classic duck boot, layered with socks. But that doesn’t mean you have to follow the look to the letter. (Just buy the punchy red joints already.)

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Team Them with Something Super Trendy

To keep your stylish snow boots from looking frumpy, pair them with an item that’s equally as buzzy, like your new skinny overalls. This will make the look seem more fashion-forward and less “I just rolled out of bed.”

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Or Your New Midi Skirt

The same rule applies for ladylike dresses and skirts. You might not think to couple your cotton midi with your boots for the snow, but NYC ladies do it all the time, especially with a lace-up style. (And don't shy away from layering tights with socks.)

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Don't Shy Away from White

Repeat after us: You can wear white in the winter. And you'll look totally après-ski chic in the process.

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But Monochromatic Black Works, Too

Black boots. Black poncho. Black leggings. Never fails. Just keep your proportions balanced.

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