If you don’t already know, we at PureWow adore Magic Erasers (yes, the ones that get scuffs off walls and stains out of Tupperware). They fix almost everything. But it’s time for a new sheriff in town. A slightly sticky, flesh-colored sheriff. Here, the most ingenious uses for surgical tape.


To replace a lint roller

Because the last time we tried duct tape, our whole sweater came off… Just make a little roll around your fingers with sticky side out and press onto those pesky dog hairs.


To make heels more comfortable

Taping the third and fourth toes together on each foot helps in easing pain and alleviating pressure in heels, since a special nerve exists between those two piggies.

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To prevent blisters

Why is it that every time we put a Band-Aid on our heels they end up in the bottom of our flats? Use this miracle tape instead--as it sticks better over time and is almost invisible due to its flesh color. Just rip off a two- to three-inch section and smooth over your Achilles.


To secure your, er, gals in a backless dress

It's like Band-Aids for your boobs but with more coverage and a teeny bit of lifting. Smaller-chested ladies: Stretch the tape vertically from underneath each breast up the middle and secure above to wherever feels comfortable. No bras, no problems.


To Stencil the Perfect Cat-Eye

Here’s how.


To help prevent wrinkles

Taping the space between your eyebrows in an “X” shape before you go to bed holds skin in place and, over time, can help prevent the dreaded frown lines that often occur when we sleep. (Raquel Welch swears by it, and it's dermatologist approved.)


To look more awake

This is crazy, but hear us out. Before bed, use under-eye cream as normal and then tape a strip under each eye where bags normally occur. The pressure restricts blood vessels and keeps fluid from pooling. (Good morning, you beaming ray of surgical-taped sunshine!)

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