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This New Kids’ Toothbrush Is Made for Baby Teeth

The ultimate test of patience: wrangling a toddler at bedtime. (For the love of God I will not read you Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site for the seventh time today!)

Fridababy, the beloved maker of the cult-favorite snot-sucking NoseFrida, wants to help speed up the nighty-night process, which is why it made this new (and brilliant) three-headed toothbrush, now available at Target for $10. 

Designed to clean every surface of your child’s teeth at once, the three angled brush heads hug tiny teeth and gums from top, bottom and sides. But most importantly, it’s designed for little kids to use themselves, so they can actually get to all their chompers, even if they’re just biting down and wiggling the thing around.

Now if only there were a device that poured Mommy a glass of vino while this was all going down.

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