15 Random-but-Useful Dog Products, Like a Poop Bag Flashlight (Genius)

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It’s time to get rid of any pet products that aren’t working for you! The only stuff you need when it comes to your dog are the products that have proven themselves useful time and again. The random-but-useful dog products on this list run the gamut, but each serves a specific purpose and will make your life easier both on the go and at home. Whether you’ve got a toy dog breed who goes with you everywhere and needs snacks throughout the day or a big dog breed who tags along on hiking excursions and loves to wander, there’s something for you on this list.

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random but useful dog link
Link Smart

1. Link Smart Pet Wearable Device

Tech lovers and old-fashioned dog parents alike will love Link’s Smart Dog Collar. It’s actually a small attachment you connect with your dog’s current collar, so they don’t have to get used to something new. Once affixed, download the Link app and never lose track of your pup again. Monitor their location with GPS, watch their activity, access their vet records and more. An ideal gadget for dogs who love to wander.

random but useful dog palm balm

2. Washbar Paw Balm

Hot pavement and salty, icy sidewalks alike can wreak havoc on your pup’s paws. This balm from WashBar is made with 100 percent natural ingredients including beeswax and a ton of delicious organic essential oils like apricot and copaiba oil. Not only does this stuff protect dog paws, but it can also repair cracked or dry paw pads. Safe for dogs to lick and for everyday use, it’s easy to apply and ideal for all breeds.

random but useful dog hammock

3. Dog Car Seat Cover Hammock By Meadowlark

With more than 4,000 five-star reviews on Amazon, this dog seat cover hammock is an incredibly useful product - especially if your pup loves car rides. It’s water-repellent and incredibly durable, with four layers and extra padding. Seat anchors and a non-slip back ensure it won’t slide around while in transit. Another huge plus? You can customize how it lays depending on your needs (aka, if you need someone to sit next to your dog in the backseat, you can make that happen with the flick of a zipper).

random but useful dog petralyte

4. Petralyte

Summertime can be dangerous for active dogs or canines who live in extremely hot climates. This is why the team at Petralyte crafted a new, tasty way for dogs to stay hydrated. Their veterinary-formulated electrolyte supplement helps dogs better absorb water and maintain a well-hydrated system. It’s ideal for hot days, post-exercise and during recovery from illness or surgery. Plus, it comes in three dog-friendly flavors and portable packaging.

random but useful dog water bottle

5. Springer Travel Dog Bottle

If you want to keep your dog hydrated, you’re also going to need a portable water bottle. We like this one because it stands upright and all you have to do is squeeze the BPA-free bottle and water flows into the bowl on top. It’s narrow enough to fit in a car cup holder and big enough to hold 22 ounces of water. Oh, and it’s leakproof. You’re welcome!

random but useful dog travel food bowl

6. Hanamya Travel Food Bowl

Food on the go is a cinch with this travel food bowl. It holds up to 17 ounces of kibble and is dishwasher safe for when your travels are through. You can also store poop bags in here and use the attached poop scoop (different from the food bowl!) to clean up after your dog.

random but useful dog dtox

7. Pet Dtox By Emisha

Dog owners know their pets love to eat things they shouldn’t—like grass, people food and sometimes even their own poop. When this happens and you aren’t sure if it’s time to call the emergency vet, administer Pet dTox. These capsules bind to potentially harmful materials (chocolate, Ibuprofen, etc.) to prevent your dog’s GI tract from absorbing them. Made from 100 percent food-grade coconut-derived activated charcoal, they can really buy you some time while you determine if a vet visit needs to happen.

random but useful dog earth rated wipes

8. Earth Rated Compostable Dog Wipes

Spills happen, sometimes on your dog. If your pup happens to step in something gooey or roll in something smelly, wipe it off with Earth Rated’s compostable dog wipes. They’re made with shea butter, aloe and chamomile so they won’t dry out skin or fur or irritate sensitive pups (this also means they don’t have intense, funky scents). Carry them with you or keep them in the car for spur-of-the-moment cleaning sessions.

random but useful dog blulu poop bag dispenser

9. Blulu Poop Bag Holder With Led Flashlight

Walking your dog at night can be nice, until they poop and you have to squint and feel around in the dark to figure out where it is. Instead of using your phone light (no one wants to drop their phone into dog poop), try this poop bag holder with a built-in flashlight. Just 4.3” x 1.6” in size, clip the holder onto your belt loop, backpack or leash.

random but useful dog training pouch

10. Paw Lifestyles Dog Treat Training Pouch

It’s easy to see why this training pouch is a best seller on Amazon. Ideal for new puppies in constant training mode, you can keep training treats, small toys and your own stuff in here while out and about. Never miss an opportunity to teach your dog new skills with this pouch! Folks who use clickers can clip them onto the D-rings along the side. Wear the pouch around your waist like a fanny pack, over the shoulder with a strap or hooked onto a belt.

random but useful dog fable

11. Fable Pets Crate

A crate that doubles as a table—and it’s stylish? Yes, please! This crate from Fable is a favorite among dog owners not only because it’s manufactured with premium bentwood but because it looks pretty. Choose between white metal or acrylic for the gate. Though it doesn’t automatically come with a bed, you can add one onto your Fable order for just $15 (a steal if you ask us!).

random but useful dog dyson

12. Dyson Groom Tool Attachment

Dogs who are big-time shedders might require a few extra accouterments when it comes to grooming. This tool attaches directly to 18 different Dyson vacuum models so you can brush and clean up the hairy mess at the same time. It works well for medium- and long-haired breeds and you can adjust the brush bristle length as you go.

random but useful dog seat belt tether

13. Kurgo Swivel Seat-belt Tether

Car rides are fun, as long as they’re safe! Clicking your dog into a seatbelt adds an extra layer of safety in the event of an accident. This tether makes that possible. A screw gate keeps the carabiner in place and a swivel head prevents your pup from getting tangled in the seatbelt. Kurgo recommends using this tether with harnesses rather than collars.

random but useful dog sound machine

14.Petmedics Pet Soothing Noise Machine

This is a game-changer for pups who get anxious at certain times of the day. It contains three preloaded music tracks (reggae, classical, soft rock) that play for either an hour or all day, depending on the mode you choose. You can even opt for the noise-activated mode which automatically turns the machine on when things like fireworks or construction sounds are detected.

random but useful dog pill pockets

15. Greenies Pill Pockets For Dogs

Feeding pets pills is a nightmare most of the time. Pill Pockets make it about a thousand times easier. Simply stuff the pill your dog needs to take into the pocket and squeeze it shut - these are soft chews that easily wrap around pills and make medicine taste good. They’re also vet-recommended and low in fat.

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