11 Pet Trends We’ll See Everywhere in 2023

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A collage of pet trends including a Frenchie wearing a beaded necklace, a harness and more.

This year was big for pets. The global pet market exceeded $117 billion - and is expected to grow to $135 billion in the next three years. We have popular trends like veterinary telehealth, human-grade dog food and puppy-and-me matching accessories to thank for this growth. Plus, people see their pets as family members more than ever. That means in 2023, we’ll experience more ways to incorporate our dogs and cats into big life moments, including an eco-friendly way to bury them. Finally, we love naming our dogs after our favorite characters—and foods. Take a look at the biggest pet trends of 2023.

1. Adopt Don’t Shop—But Make It Law

In case you missed it, New York Governor Kathy Hochul signed the Puppy Mill Pipeline Bill earlier this year, making it illegal for pet stores in New York to sell dogs, cats or bunnies. This is an effort to fight against facilities breeding pets in terrible conditions and putting profits over animal welfare. Animal lovers everywhere are ecstatic and hoping more states will pass similar legislation in 2023. The bill takes effect in 2024. In the meantime, you can bet pet parents everywhere will adopt or foster from shelters (or work with reputable breeders who put puppy health first) instead of shopping at stores.

2. Vet Telehealth Options

Driving to the vet with Rosco barking in the back? No, thank you. Pet parents value convenience and vets are delivering! Companies like Dutch connect pet parents with licensed veterinarians through apps. Get prescriptions, refills and expert advice from your phone. Dutch has annual and monthly plans available. Pawp is another telehealth vet option that can save you time and money (and your sanity) if your regular vet isn’t available or you’re out of town. Their team is ready 24/7 to answer questions and prescribe medication as needed. Pet parents should note that telehealth isn’t a full replacement for in-person visits—make sure your pet is getting the healthcare they need!

3. Doggy Daycare and Upscale Pet-Sitting

Working from home is great because you get to hang with your pets all day. If you return to in-office work, even just a few days a week, your dog will feel it. It’s no surprise that doggy daycare and upscale pet-sitting are becoming go-to solutions for lonely pets post-pandemic. We know dogs—and even cats—can get separation anxiety. Since the pet-sitting market is expected to grow above $5 billion by 2030, we recommend getting in line for your local doggy daycare now.

4. Fairy Dog Parents

Speaking of waiting lists for daycares and boarding centers, as we shared in our boomer trends report, we’ve seen a rise in fairy dog-parents, a cutesy name we’ve dubbed the network of people involved in raising one pet. As family members return to “before pandemic life,” many pets are finding their care in the hands of multi-generational hands—whether it’s grandparents taking their grown children’s pets on walks or for overnights, or even younger generations sharing pets with parents who might not be able to tend to them full-time.

5. Probiotics for Dogs

According to Glimpse, dog probiotics rose 31 percent in popularity this past year. Like humans, dogs might need extra help in the gut department to make digestion easier. We love Native Pet’s all-natural probiotic powder. It’s formulated with pumpkin seeds and beef bone broth to improve canine gut health. This probiotic for dogs was developed alongside real vets and animal nutritionists.

6. Prestige-TV-Named Dogs tracks trends in dog and cat names every year. In 2022, dog parents went wild for names inspired by HBO’s Euphoria. The name Fezco was the top trending dog name this year, increasing in popularity by 2,385 percent! Fez (the shortened version) was also up 63 percent in popularity, with Rue and Faye close behind. We predict 2023 will mean dogs named Chef or Carmie, after FX’s The Bear, whose second season comes out in 2023; Misty or Shauna (season two of Yellowjackets comes out in March); or Tanya, after Jennifer Coolidge’s character in The White Lotus (season three is set to arrive in late 2023). If you’re a millennial, chances are still good your dog is named Luna, Bella, Max or Charlie, as those are still the most common dog names in the U.S.

7. Spirit-Inspired Cat Names

For some reason, naming cats after foods became a huge thing in 2022. While says names like Roll, Green Bean and S’more topped their trending cat name list, it was the first year the name “Beer” appeared on their list. We think this is the start of a beautiful trend. Names like Gimlet and Vino are already popular, but what about Summit or Guinness? Stella or Stout? There’s Porter, Peroni, Sierra and Tecate.

8. Mommy-and-Me Accessories

Matching your pet is quickly becoming the next big thing in pet parenting. New York-based laēlap makes adorable, Y2K-inspired beaded necklaces you and your dog can wear to let everyone know you’re besties. Though you can’t attach a leash to these accessories, laēlap says they are “sturdy enough for everyday wear.” You can opt to add a dangling name tag if you like.

9. Smart Collars

Fancy tech isn’t just for people, you guys. Smart collars are the hottest thing in pet tech these days, and it’s easy to see why. Brands like Halo Collar help you keep tabs on your pup through an app. Train your dog to follow commands or stay within a designated boundary, without worrying your pup will run off. Smart collars don’t require installing underground wiring and are easier on your dog’s body and psyche than invisible fences. You can even use them when you travel because they allow you to set new boundaries wherever you are.

10. Body Leashes

Body leashes, aka hands-free leashes, make life much easier. We really like the Magic Link™ one by Fable because of its sleek design and versatility. Obviously, you can hold it with your hand if you want, but if you’re carrying iced coffee or a phone or you’re holding your kid’s hand - or all three at once - we think wrapping it around your waist is a great idea. Designed to stand up against the elements, these hands-free leashes make excursions like hikes or social walks much smoother. 

11. Eco-Friendly Pet Burials

Transcend is on a mission to make saying goodbye to our devoted family members (both human and otherwise) a little easier. Their Tree Burial Kit for Pets is a carbon negative way to reunite your pet with the earth. Basically, you can bury your pet in an organic, biodegradable flax linen garment along with Transcend’s soil mixture and a small tree native to your local environment. As your pet’s body naturally breaks down, the tree grows, and you can visit the site knowing your pet is helping to create a more sustainable planet. We’re not crying, you’re crying!

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