Cesar Millan Says *This* Is the #1 Mistake Dog Owners Make

Winter brings a whole new set of obstacles for dog owners…but what are the best practices? Cesar Millan (world renowned dog behaviorist and co-founder of Halo Collar) recently answered all our burning questions about how to care for our beloved pets. For example, what’s the biggest mistake that dog owners make? And do animals like wearing human accessories—like sweaters and booties? Keep scrolling for details.

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1. What’s the biggest mistake that dog owners make?

According to Millan, “One of the biggest mistakes that pet parents often make is to enable the dogs and think of them as ‘kids,’ so they often end up getting the upper hand, which is unproductive for both the dog and the owner.”

Millan continued, “Pet parents still need to be the calm and confident ‘leader of the pack.’ I encourage tools such as the Halo Collar, which will give your dogs rules, boundaries and limitations.”

cesar millan dog sweater
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2. Does my dog need a sweater in the winter?

Millan noted that “it depends on the dog.” However, if your pet has a thin coat, it may need additional protection during the winter. “If you are frequently outside in cold weather or the dog has fine hair, a sweater can help keep them warm for short periods of time,” Millan added.

cesar millan dog booties
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3. And finally, are booties necessary?

Again, it depends on the dog and where you live. If you experience cold winters, you should consider protecting your pet’s paws from the elements. “Dog boots are a good option to protect your dog’s paws by helping them stay dry and preventing exposure to salt and de-icers,” Millan said. “Acclimate the dog to wearing them by putting them on your dog for short periods of time in the house.”


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