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No one told you this was gonna be easy, but they also didn’t tell you it was going to be this hard to function on two hours of sleep. Here, eight parenting tips that make having a newborn slightly less exhausting.

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Wear Your Baby
Infants like to be held, which is super sweet...until you realize it's 6 p.m. and you haven't been off the couch all day. Embrace an infant carrier (BabyBjörn, Ergobaby, sling, etc.) and behold as you can do exciting things—like wash the dishes or eat a sandwich.

Shower with Your Baby
Ever try to wriggle a 3-week-old into an infant tub in your sink? For a much easier (and cuddlier) bathing experience, have your spouse hand your newborn to you while you shower, then soap her up and rinse her off before (carefully) handing her back.

Give In to Velcro Swaddles
The hospital nurses may have taught you to wrap your little peanut like a burrito, but when it's 3 a.m. and he has broken free for the sixth time, you're going to want one of these cheater's Velcro versions on hand.

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And Zippers
An infant goes through 10 to 12 diapers a day. Having to unsnap and re-snap those pajamas is no joke (especially when you're sleep deprived).

Leave Burp Cloths All Over Your House
Fact: Your little bundle of joy will spit up three ounces of milk the second you pass her off to a decidedly childless silk-clad person. Thwart catastrophe by stashing burp cloths just about everywhere.

Master Side Nursing
We're not advocating that you co-sleep, but when an infant is up every two hours to feed, it's crucial that you're able to partially sleep through it. Try lying on your side with your baby facing you and her head positioned at your breast. Once she latches on, allow yourself to doze off until she's finished and then place her back in the crib or bassinet.

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Ask for Help
Your mother-in-law. Your sister. Your upstairs neighbor. They really do want to be useful. So don't be shy about asking for help when you need it—even if it's not baby-related. (Somebody's gotta fold the laundry.)

Make Food Requests
In the first few weeks, everyone will ask if they can bring you food. The answer is yes, and by food, we mean lasagna. Once you tire of said lasagna, say so, and ask dear Aunt Betty if she could possibly bring a kale Caesar salad instead. 

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