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Children: They’re not that different from you and me. And much like us, they tend to make lofty New Year’s resolutions, then forget about them once February rolls around. To help, we culled some of the most common kids’ goals, and offered better, more achievable ones.

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kids resolutions games

Instead of… “I’ll be nicer to my sister”
“I will play one game with my sister every night before dinner”

Getting siblings to get along is tricky business, but encouraging set playtimes is a good step toward family accord. (At the very least it’ll keep them busy for 20 minutes while you make tacos.)

kids resolutions classroom
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Instead of… “I’ll be braver at school”
“I’ll raise my hand three times each week”

For shy kids, the prospect of speaking up is really daunting. Give your little one a modest, specific goal and talk each night about how she’s doing in her quest.

kids resolutions fruit

Instead of… “I’ll eat less junk food”
“I’ll eat a piece of fruit every day with lunch”

Then load that lunchbox up with clementines.

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kids resolutions

Instead of… “I’ll get straight A’s”
“I won’t turn on the TV until I finish my homework”

Grade motivation is a slippery slope. (Sometimes a kid can work his ass off and still get only a B+.) Instead, foster good work habits that will, in the long run, pay off academically.

kids resolutions sleep
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Instead of… “I’ll learn to be a better sleeper”
“I’ll stay in bed until 7 a.m. no matter what”

Hey, a mom can dream, right?

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