12 School Year Resolutions All Moms Should Make

It doesn’t matter how old we get, back-to-school season always feels like a new beginning—a chance to do things better this time around. This is the year that you will not be that frazzled, exhausted and burnt out mom chasing after your child with a toothbrush, hounding them to do their homework and throwing away another uneaten lunch. There will be mistakes, to be sure, but you will be calm and cool in the face of chaos and forgotten permission slips. Because you, super mom, have agreed to the below terms. And unlike those New Year’s Eve resolutions (um, our workout clothes are lying around here somewhere), these pacts are ones that we’re actually going to keep.

1. I will outsource scheduling to my spouse, even if he claims I’m “better at it.” He knows how to use the internet, yes? Then he is more than capable of finding a local after-school soccer program for the kids.

2. I will not sign up for anything out of guilt, pressure or because my next door neighbor is doing it. The holiday extravaganza will be just fine without my presence on the committee.

3. I will set a family contract about homework expectations, so we’re all on the same page. We will put in 30 minutes every day and there will be no TV time until it’s done. But most importantly, my spouse will also agree to this contract so that I don’t have to be the bad guy all the time.

4. I will nail the morning routine. There must be a better way to count down our departure time so that I’m not yelling empty threats to my child at 7:55 a.m. (Oh wait, here it is.)

5. I will not fight over clothes. Want to wear shorts in 30 degrees? Fine. I will send pants in your bag. Want to wear the same shirt three days in a row? Fine. It will go in the wash on day four.

6. I will commit to getting a babysitter once a month and actually going out. Because ordering food and watching Netflix is not the same as a proper date night.

7. I will pursue an independent friendship with one of my kid’s friend’s parents. And we won’t just talk about our kids the whole time (only, like, half the time).

8. I will make my kids help pack their own lunches. And I won’t worry (too much) if their lunches aren’t super healthy because I know that I can feed them a nutritious breakfast and dinner.

9. I will not do for my child what she can do for herself. If you can wipe your own butt at school, you can do it at home too.

10. I will keep homework and grades in perspective. Per The Atlantic, the quest for a 4.0 GPA ​​discourages creativity and reduces academic risk-taking. It’s also just really stressful.

11. I will find an activity or a hobby that is just for me. Not learning how to knit so I can make the kids matching sweaters, not baking so that the family can wake up to a fresh loaf on the weekend, not scrapbooking so that I can finally get all those photo albums in order… something that is for my enjoyment only.

12. I will ditch the guilt. Yes, I worked late/missed the first grade meet-and-greet/forgot about Pajama Day. And yes, I’m still a great mom.

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