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The Clever Hack for Wearing Your Regular Jeans into Your Second (and Third!) Trimester
FamVeld/Getty Images

You’re only 10 or 11 weeks along, but the waistband on your regular jeans is already starting to feel a bit snug. This genius solution will buy you time so you don’t have to shell out for fancy schmancy (and, eep, expensive) maternity jeans just yet.

What you need: Your regular jeans and a hair elastic

What you do: Loop the hair elastic through the buttonhole on your jeans, then wrap both loops around the button. (If you want more of a hold, loop the elastic through the buttonhole twice.)

OMG, pregnancy genius. Pair with a long—and opaque—shirt and no one around will be the wiser. Not to mention, you’ll still have all the comfort of wearing your go-to jeans like usual.

There’s a bonus: While this trick is great for the first trimester, depending on how rapidly your belly expands, you may be able to use it well into your second and third trimester, too. Maternity money = saved.

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