16 Los Angeles-Inspired Baby Names That Are Just Too Freakin’ Cool

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Maybe you’re born and bred in LA, and so it just makes sense that your child bears a name that reminds you of home. Or maybe you’ve only been to visit but the city holds a special place in your heart. Or perhaps you just want your future offspring to embody those hip, laid-back vibes that the City of Angels is known for. Whatever the case, you’re looking for a Los Angeles-inspired baby name and you’ve come to the right place. From Andreas to Wilshire, here are 16 monikers that just ooze cool. 

NYC-Inspired Baby Names That Are Too Cool for Words

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1. Andreas

Andreas is a boy's name of Greek origin meaning “strong and manly.” It’s also the name of the city's fault, so your little one is bound to be a real mover and shaker.

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2. Angel

A gender-neutral name with Greek origins, this one means “messenger” and is the most obvious LA-inspired name on our list. Give this moniker to your babe, and we predict a perfectly behaved child. (Ha, if only!)

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3. Beverly

Did you know that Bev Hills was actually named after a Massachusetts town north of Boston? So if you’re always talking about going “back East,” this name’s for you. (We also kind of love that it means “beaver stream” or “meadow.”) 

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4. Chandler

Boy or girl, this pick evokes power and prestige—it’s the surname of a great L.A. Times publisher. But the local connection doesn’t end there—Chandler is also the name of a bike path in the Valley.

5. Ennis

Inspired by the Los Feliz mansion Frank Lloyd Wright designed for Charles and Mabel Ennis in 1923 (aka the Ennis house), this gender-neutral name of Irish origin means “from the island” (but we think it’s a fitting moniker even if you’re from the Valley).

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6. Getty

Want your kid to be the next Picasso? This name is synonymous with wealth and fine art. (The Getty Center in Los Angeles houses some of the world’s finest paintings, drawings, sculptures, manuscripts and photography.)

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7. Gabriel

Named after the San Gabriel mountains located in northern LA county, this name also has strong religious significance (it means “a hero of God”).

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8. Holly

A particularly apt choice if your last name happens to be Wood, but we love this sweet moniker even on its own. It comes from the holly plant and means “resilience” and “eternal life.”


9. Laurel

As in Laurel Canyon, the mountainous LA neighborhood that has long been a haven for artists, musicians and actors, especially in the late '60s and early '70s when greats like Joni Mitchell, David Crosby, Linda Ronstadt and more called the area home. So yeah, it’s pretty perfect for your groovy, laid-back kid.

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10. Monica

Oh, Santa Monica, land of sea breezes and pricey square footage, we want to have your baby. But this name also means “advisor” and “truth.”

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11. Oscar

This is the land of Hollywood, after all. But even if your baby never walks the red carpet, we think they’ll be happy with this name of English and Irish origin that means “God spear” or “champion warrior.”

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12. Pedro

San Pedro (pronounced PEE-droh) was the cradle of seminal punk band The Minutemen. So if you name your kid this, he just might be the voice of a new generation.

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13. Poppy

It’s the state flower, and if your baby is born this year, it could be a sweet reminder of the superbloom too. (Psst: It's expected to take place from mid-March to July, depending on the region.)

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14. Sunset

Because the ones in Los Angeles are the most beautiful. (We’re also digging “Sunny” as a nickname.)

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15. Runyon

For Runyon Canyon, one of the city’s most popular hiking destinations. And if that wasn’t cool enough, this unique name means “son of a champion.”

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16. Wilshire

It’s the century-old boulevard that takes you from downtown to the sea. History, money, beauty: your kid will have it all. Just don’t expect a lot of movement from 5 to 7 p.m. every day.

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