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Try This Game-Changing Trick to Get Your Kid to Leave the Playground

You know that mom at the playground or the pool or the party who’s yelling, “Two more minutes!” and “OK, Liam, this is your last turn!” while her kid completely and totally ignores her? Of course you do, because that mom is all of us. 

So next time your child says, “One more minute!” and then proceeds to go right back to digging, splashing or bouncing indefinitely, say this:

You: “What is your last ride [or trick] going to be?” One more slide down the slide? Two more cannonballs? Three more backflips in the bounce house?

Then once he’s completed his agreed-upon task(s), you guys are out of there. Leave zero room for negotiation. Stick with the plan at all costs. 

Once you’ve mastered this—promisingly, it worked for us on the first try—it’s shockingly effective. It’s also nowhere near as painful as dragging a flailing, screaming four-year-old out of a venue while getting kicked in the area he came from.     

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