Halloween Makeup for Kids: 10 Super-Easy Tutorials

With so many tasty treats and hilarious costumes around for grown-ups, it’s easy to forget who Halloween is really supposed to be about. Take your kid’s getup to the next level with these easy makeup tutorials, using child-friendly face paint and step-by-step instructions.

DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids Who Are Just Too Cool

1. Cruella de vil

Just add a wig and the family dog.

2. A Lumberjack, A Boxer, Ariel And A Cat

This mom of four demonstrates four easy makeup tutorials and knows that “working with kids is about being fast, not perfect.”

3. A Vampire Makeup Tutorial Halloween

Team this look with a black cape and some fake fangs and then you’re done.

4. Halloween Witch

Complete with spiderwebs on her cheeks.

5. Superman Makeup

An easy how-to guide that works just as well for Superwoman.

6. A Beautiful Butterfly

Learn these face painting skills now and then use for many birthday parties to come.

7. Zombie

There’s nothing spooky about this cutie. (OK, maybe it’s a little scary.)

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