44 Seriously Funny Halloween Costumes for Women

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Who doesn’t love a laugh? This year, crack your friends and family up with these hilarious Halloween costumes. From pop culture references to the punniest outfits, these dress-up ideas are so funny, it’s, um, not even funny. (Except it is.)

friends wedding halloween costume

1. Rachel and Monica from ‘Friends’

Best part? You get to sit on the couch all night.

Get the look: Women's Ball Lace Wedding Dresses ($65)

miss universe costume

2. Miss Universe

With a sash and crown, of course.

Get the look: Customizable Sash ($19); Tiara with Comb ($12)

oh deer holy cow costumes

3. Holy Cow and Oh Deer

wenesday adams mean girls costume

4. Wednesday Addams Meets ‘Mean Girls’

On Wednesdays, we wear pink.

Get the look: Wednesday Addams Dress Costume ($30)

formal apology costume

5. A Formal Apology

“Sorry, my costume is better than yours.”

Get the look: Women's Sleeveless Loose Plain Dress ($20)

wonder bread woman costume
@jordynrwagner/ Instagram 

6. Wonder (Bread) Woman

We love feminist carbs.

Get the look: Women's Wonder Woman Costume Set ($36); Wonder Classic White Bread Loaf ($4)

lorde of the rings costume1

7.  Lorde of the Rings

Dark makeup? Check. Giant rings? Check. All the laughs? Double check.

Get the look: Faux Leather Fashion Quilted Moto Biker Jacket ($42); Vintage Silver Knuckle Rings Set ($10)

social butterfly halloween costume
@tiekslove/ Instagram

8. Social Butterfly


Get the look: Butterfly Wings Costume for Women ($14)

crazy cat lady womens costume
@riss_outside/ Instagram 

9. Crazy Cat Lady

Three cheers for a costume that lets you wear a bathrobe all night. 

Get the look: Women's Leopard Print Faux Fur Coat ($30); Small Stuffed Cats ($20)

la croix halloween costume
@lacefaced/ Instagram

10. La Croix

Don’t forget to walk around all night telling people it’s pronounced “la-croy.”

Get the look: La Seltzer Soda Can Halloween Costume ($23)

cereal killer costume
@sarahscottbennett/ Instagram

11. Cereal Killer

Keep the boxes full so you’ll always have a snack.

Get the look: Cereal Box Costume ($22)

elaine from seingfeld costume
@officialnikkiy/ Instagram

12. Elaine from ‘Seinfeld’

Terrible dance moves obligatory.

Get the look: Women's Long Sleeve Wrap Dress ($27)

13. S'mores

It's all about the yummy sweet treats, right?

Get the look: Women's Hershey Chocolate Bar Costume ($50); Marshmallows Costume Kids ($45)

14. Minion and Banana

Bonus points if you perform the entire "Banana Song."

Get the look: Banana Costume Adult ($28); Minion Halloween Costume for Women ($50)

15. Cara Dune

If you just welcomed a newborn, dress 'em up as the irresistible, absolutely adorable, Baby Yoda. (You can also force your partner to be The Mandalorian.)

Get the look: Cara Cosplay Costume ($160); The Child Costume ($20); The Mandalorian Season ($50)

16. The (Wo)Man in the Yellow Hat

Wrangle a buddy to be your Curious George.

Get the look: Women’s Two-Piece Suit ($109); Adult Monkey Pajama Costume ($22)

17. Moira Rose

Be the drama and add an over-the-top accent.

Get the look: Women's High Waist Pleated A-Line Skirt ($29); Women's Crewneck Sweater Pullover ($23); Natural Feather Shrug Cape ($37)

18. Napoleon Dynamite and Pedro

Because just like these two, you and your bestie are a dynamic duo.

Get the look: Women's Dressy Blouse ($20); Ribcage High Waist Ankle Straight Leg Jeans ($49); Vote for Pedro Tee ($19)

19. Phoni Braxton

Queen Bey had us all giggling with this get-up back in 2018. And you know what, it's not a bad costume idea.

Get the look: Summer Tank Top ($15); Women's Faux Leather Fashion Quilted Moto Biker Jacket ($48); Pixie Cut Wigs ($27)

20. Mary Berry

As in the queen of all yummy, sweet treats.

Get the look: Women's Floral Print Jacket ($25); Women's Round Neck Blouse ($18)

21. The Box from 'Seven'

What's in the box? What's in the boxxxx?!

Get the look: Women's Lightweight Blazer ($40); Casual Cami Sleeveless ($18)

22. Chanel Runway Crasher

Maybe gate crash a Halloween bash?

Get the look: Tweed Blazer Jacket, Coat and Skirt ($18)

23. Yoko Ono

A costume that allows you to stay in bed but also get a cool pic for the gram? Sign us up, please.

Get the look:  Women's Satin Pajama Set ($20)

24. Avocado and Hot Dog

Some of our most favorite foods.

Get the look: Adult Avocado Costume ($45); Footlong Hot Dog & Wiener Bun Halloween ($30)

25. Troll

You're guaranteed to break some necks.

Get the look: Magical Troll Princess Costume ($24)

26. Exterminator

And if you get your bestie to be the roach, the two of you can wipe out all the competition.

Get the look:  Dickies Women's Short Sleeve Flex Coverall ($46); Adult Cuddly Cockroach Costume ($60)

27. Anna Wintour

We could try, but we'll never come up with a better caption than "Happy Halloqueen" a la Liza Koshy.

Get the look: Women's Gorgeous Work Pencil Dress Cap Sleeve ($38); Anna Wintour Wig ($22)

28. Willie Nelson

Because an acapella performance of "On the Road Again" is always better when you're high...on chocolate.

Get the look: Willie Braided Wig with USA Bandana ($22); Women Tassel Vest ($20); Cowboy Boots for Women ($36)

29. Marty McFly

And if you don't have a four-legged pal to play Copernicus for the day, a stuffed animal will do.

Get the look: Back to The Future Marty McFly Costume ($70); Marty McFly Wig ($15)

30. Georgie and Pennywise from 'It'

This one really depends on how you play it. We suggest juggling or performing magic tricks if you're going for the funny and not terrifying clown.

Get the look: The Women's Yellow Raincoat Costume ($30); It Clown Halloween Costume ($89)

31. Beavis

Sure, this costume works best with a Butthead for support. But you know what, there is nothing wrong with being a solo star.

Get the look: Beavis Adult Costume Set ($26)

32. 'Twins'

Because 99.9999 percent of bestie pairings always have a height difference.

Get the look: Collusion Straight Fit Tailored Pants and Blazer Set ($80); Women's Formal Work Wear White Simple Shirt ($15)

33. Cat and Scratch Post

Pretty kitties need to keep their nails sharp.

Get the look: Adult Black Cat Onesie Costume ($40); Mohawk Home Cream Francesca Runner ($44)

34. Britney Spears

We must confess...this costume will always be a classic.

Get the look: One More Time Pop Singer Costume ($35)

35. The Rock

There will never be a universe where this ensemble is not funny.

Get the look: Women's Black Turtle Neck Sweater ($17); Leather Fanny Pack ($17); Gold Snake Chain Necklace ($16)

36. Joe Exotic

Throw things back to early pandemic times.

Get the look: Exotic Tiger Joe Costume Kit ($21); The King of Tigers Halloween Costume ($40)

37. '90s Boy Bander

Backstreet Boys, 98 Degrees, Blink 182, N'Sync so many bands, so many baggy 'fits and frosted tips to choose from.

Get the look: Women's Army Green Jumpsuit ($16); Costume Tight Fro Wig ($13)

38. DNA Test

We love a self-affirming Halloween get-up. Oh and if you can't find a DNA costume at the store, you can total DYI this one.

Get the look: White Tri-Fold Presentation Board ($26); Alcohol Markers ($26); Paper Weaving Strips ($28)

39. Thelma and Louise

To the very end.

Get the look: Treasure and Bond Rib Tank ($14); Paige High Waist Jeans ($229); Heavy Metal Rock Band Tee ($27)

Diana Vickers dressed as a mouse.
Mark Robert Milan / Stringer

40. A Mouse

...duh. This is perfect for when you don't really want to dress up.

Get the look: Mouse Ears Headband ($13); Off The Shoulder Top ($21); Women's A Line Short Knee Length Tutu ($22)

Zoe Kravitz as vampire in pajamas.
JB Lacroix / Contributor/Getty Images

41. Vampire in Pajamas

When you want to bring the spook, but like, minimally.

Get the look: Vampire Fangs ($10); Sexy Silk Satin Ruffled Pajamas ($20); Women's Long Robe Satin Gown ($10)

Heidi Klum dressed as Fiona
TheStewartofNY / Contributor/Getty Images

42. Fiona

You don't have to go as hard as Heidi Klum did for her annual bash in 2018, but this is an easy crowd pleaser.

Get the look: Princess Fiona Costume ($29); Women's Medieval Braid Wig ($16)

Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka as the Olsen twins.
Noam Galai / Stringer/Getty Images

43. Olsen Twins

Smoldering look absolutely mandatory.

Get the look: Infinity Dress with Bandeau ($50); Platinum Blonde Wig ($28)

44. Ross and Rachel

The one where you get chocolate wasted.

Get the look: Collarless Open Front Long Cardigan ($50); Women's Slim-Fit Thin Strap Tank ($11)

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