50 Baby Boy Names That Start With J

So you’re looking for the perfect baby name for your little boy but you don’t know what that might be. You do know, however, that you want it to start with the letter “J”. Well, we’ve got good news for you: There are a boatload of boy names that start with “J” and our diverse roundup of biblical, unique and modern monikers features all the best of ‘em.

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1. Jonathan

A timeless classic of Hebrew origin that means “God has given.”

2. Javier

An alternate spelling of Xavier, This Spanish name means “new house” and is a reference to the village in which Saint Francis Xavier was born.

3. Jerome

This one has Greek roots and means “sacred name”—a fitting expression of the love you feel for a newborn bundle of joy.

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4. Jesus

It should come as no surprise that this Semitic name means “savior.”

5. Joshua

This Old Testament number is derived from the Hebrew name “Yehoshua,” which translates to “God is deliverance.”

6. Joe

A shortened version of Joseph (a name that means “God will add”), Joe is a sturdy name that’s well-suited to secular families and people of faith alike.

7. Jordan

Here, another Hebrew name with biblical significance. Jordan is a reference to the river in which Jesus Christ was baptized and means “to flow down, descend.”

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8. James

This traditional name is related to another biblical name, Jacob, and also belonged to two of Jesus Christ’s apostles. That said, even secular folks agree that it’s got a sweet ring to it.

9. Jackson

When used as a first name, this common surname meaning “son of John” boasts a too-cool-for-school vibe.

10. Jay

A name with Latin origins that means “joy,” this one can be used as a given name or a diminutive nickname for any of the other J options on the list.

11. Jose

Jose is the Spanish version of Joseph—a righteous name that means “raised” or “to pardon.”

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12. Jeremy

This upbeat moniker is an anglicized version of the Hebrew name that means “God will uplift.”

13. Jake

Much like James, this Hebrew name has a strong connection to the biblical name Jacob and means “supplanter.”

14. Jared

This Hebrew name is yet another with biblical origins—Jared was a close descendent of Adam in the Old Testament, and the name itself means “to descend.”

15. Julian

Originally a gender-neutral name with Latin and English origins, Julian is a moderately popular boy name that’s favored for its soft and melodic consonant sounds.

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16. Jax

Short for Jaxon, a modern spelling of Jackson, this was the name of the tough (and attractive) main character in the Netflix series Sons of Anarchy.

17. Jamie

A popular, gender-neutral riff on James with an identical meaning: “One who supplants.”

18. Jacob

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, James and Jacob are closely connected Old Testament names whose meaning is interpreted to mean someone who supplants or seizes.

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19. Jeffrey

Take a break from the Bible and consider Jeffrey—a German name with an approachable sound to fit its meaning of “peace.”

20. Jesse

This Hebrew name means “God’s gift”—a sentiment that most religious parents will likely share with regard to their own newborn boy.

21. Jermaine

Jermaine is a Latin name that means brother, and coincidentally it’s also the name of one of the brothers in the Jackson 5.

22. Jackie

Jackie is a diminutive of Jacob with English origins and a shared meaning of “supplanter” or “holder of the heel.”

23. Jeremiah

This Hebrew name refers to a powerful Old Testament prophet and means “appointed by God.” If you’re looking for a strong, biblical name, this one fits the bill.

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24. Joel

Here’s another Hebrew name with biblical origins, but if you aren’t here for the God stuff, we think the soft l-sound makes this one a fine alternative to the more common Joe.

25. Julio

This playful Mexican name is pronounced hoo-lio and is almost too adorable, no?

26. Julius

Here, a strong and commanding name that has Greek origins and obvious ties to a certain rather infamous Roman leader. (And creamsicles, too.)

27. Jun

A monosyllabic Chinese boy name that means “talented, handsome, ruler.” This one boasts a winning combination of simplicity and charm.

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28. Jet

Believe it or not, this one can go both ways. In Dutch-speaking countries where it’s pronounced ‘yet,’ Jet is actually a common nickname for girls with the given name Henriette or Mariette. Elsewhere, this one is said with a hard J sound and favored for boys, with a connection to aviation that evokes all things fast and powerful.

29. Jed

If casual-cool is what you’re going for, this shortened version of the Hebrew name Jedidiah hits the nail on the head.

30. Jameson

A British surname meaning “son of James” that, when used as a given name, boasts traditional vibes and a rhythmic three-syllable sound that rolls off the tongue.

31. Jayden

Jayden means “thankful one.” And unlike some of the other biblical names on the list, this gender-neutral Hebrew name still feels fresh.

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32. Jasper

Not too common, and not too quirky—this name has Persian origins and a meaning (“bringer of treasure”) that suggests good tidings.

33. Jorge

Both the “j” and “g” in this Spanish name are pronounced with an h-sound, resulting in a whisper-soft moniker with a solid, down-to-earth meaning of “farmer.”

34. Joaquin

This Spanish name has strong biblical origins and a unique sound. It’s also the name of an award-winning actor known for his talent at playing dark and unconventional characters.

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35. Jonas

Not to be confused with Judas, Jonas is a thoroughly wholesome name of Hebrew origin that means “dove.” If you’re familiar with the Bible, you might also recognize this one as the name of the lucky fellow (prophet) who was swallowed by a whale and survived.

36. Jefferson

Another surname-turned-first-name, this one is English in origin and means (you guessed it) “son of Jeffrey.”

37. Jonah

This name is a variation on Jonas and shares the same meaning and biblical significance.

38. Junior

At the risk of stating the obvious, Junior means “younger one.” Although this one is most commonly used as a nickname, it can be a given name, too.

39 Jorn

This strong one syllable name of Scandinavian origin means “farmer,” and is pronounced with a y-sound.

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40. Jovi

A variation on Jove, this Latin name is derived from Jupiter, the head honcho of the heavens and the Roman equivalent of Zeus.

41. Jules

This sweet, French name is gender-neutral—namely because it’s a diminutive of several closely related boy and girl names that, as a group, mean “youthful.” 

42. Jenson

Originally a surname meaning “son of Jens,” this one has Norse origins and remains popular throughout Scandinavian countries.

43. Johann

This German version of a Hebrew name meaning “God is gracious” has serious classical clout (i.e., it’s nothing to Bach at).

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44. Jacques

In case you missed it, this is just the fancy French version of Jacob.

45. Jakub

This alternate spelling of the more common Hebrew name Jacob is pronounced ya-koob.

46. Jamal

A strong-sounding masculine name of Arabic origin that means “beauty” and “handsome.”

47. Jamari

Jamari is closely related to the Arabic name Jamal and is similarly understood to refer to good looks and beauty.

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48. Jagger

You might recognize it as the surname of the Rolling Stones’ famous lead singer, but Jagger is also a valid given name with English origins and a healthy dose of bluster.

49. Jihoon

Also spelled Ji-hun, this is a Korean name that means “wisdom” and “intellect.”

50. Jerry

Jerry is a gender-neutral name of British origin with a meaning (“spear”) that’s well-suited to a warrior-like spirit.

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