50 Charming Baby Boy Names That Start with B

Congratulations, you’re expecting a baby boy! Maybe you just found out or maybe you’ve known about it for a while (or perhaps you don’t know and just want to prep names for both genders). Whatever the reason may be, we’re here to help you find the ideal name for your son.

And if you're fond of baby boy names that start with “B," there is certainly no shortage of options. This list has been compiled from a variety of resources(such as the Social Security Administration’s list of the most popular monikers for boys) and includes a few personal picks. Read on for 50 of our faves.

50 Baby Girl Names that Start with B

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1. Benjamin

Landing the #6 spot on the popularity list, it means “son of the right hand.”

2. Brayden

Not quite as common as Benjamin, this name still made it in the top 100. It also has several different spellings—Braydan and Braydon included.

3. Bryson

This unisex name is a fancy version of Bryce, which is thought to come from a Celtic word meaning “speckled” (freckles).

4. Bennett

It means “little blessed one” and is of Latin origin. We like Ben or Bennie for short.

5. Betserai

“Born to assist.” What more can new parents ask for?

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6. Brandon

This name—which is of English origin—means “from the broom hill.”

7. Braxton

Fun fact: There were 2,991 Braxtons born in 2018.

8. Beau

Also spelled Bo, this French name means “beautiful” or “handsome.”

9. Brody

Courtesy of Scotland, the name literally means “second son.”

10. Blake

This Old English name means “pale blond one” and is unisex. It’s also a popular version of the longer name, Blakely.

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11. Brooks

Similar to the female version (Brooke), this name means “water” or “small stream.”

12. Bomani

Of African origin, Bomani means “warrior.”

13. Brantley

This combo name (Brant + Leigh/Lee) means “fire” or “field.”

14. Barrett

Pronounced like Garrett with a “B,” this one is originally an English surname. It also means “trader.”

15. Beckett

Used for both boys and girls, Beckett means “dweller by the brook.” Might we suggest Beck for a nickname?

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16. Bryan

This one actually beat out the other spelling of the name (Brian) in terms of popularity in 2018.

17. Bradley

The official meaning is “from the broad meadow.”

18. Brady

If you’re more of a Miranda than a Carrie, Samantha or Charlotte, you can’t go wrong with this one, which means “spirited.”

19. Beckham

Further popularized by David Beckham and his crew, the nickname Beck also works for this one.

20. Bodhi

Of Indian origin, it means “understanding of true nature” and is pronounced bohd-hee.

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21. Bowen

The name made its U.S. Top 1000 debut in 2011 and is of Welsh origin.

22. Benson

The English name speaks for itself—it literally means “son of Ben.”

23. Braylen

Another combo of two names, Braylen is an American invention (coming from the names Bray and Lin) and has no specific cultural meaning.

24. Bruce

The name Bruce is a boy's name of French, Scottish and English origin meaning "from the thick brush.”

25. Babu

With a name that literally means “gentleman," your son is destined to have great manners.

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26. Brenden

Although very similar to Brandon, Brenden (or Brendan if you prefer) means “prince.”

27. Braden

Popular in both the U.S. and Canada, this moniker originated from the British Isles. It means "broad valley" or "broad hillside."

28. Boston

Looking for a geographic name? We recommend this one (Bo for short.)

29. Briggs

Meaning “dweller by the bridge,” the name is commonly used for boys and girls.

30. Barack

Of African origin, the name Barack means “blessed.” Oh, and there’s also a chance he grows up to become president.

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31. Bruno

Derived from German origins, Bruno means “brown.”

32. Boone

The name simply means “a blessing,” which is exactly what your new son will be.

33. Babafemi

It means “my father loves me,” so he’ll never forget.

34. Bronson

Bronson (not to be confused with Pierce Brosnan’s surname) landed the 703rd spot for most popular moniker.

35. Baker

Of Anglo-Saxon descent and later spreading to the Celtic countries of Ireland, Scotland and Wales, Baker is an occupational name meaning “baker of bread.”

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36. Brecken

Meaning "freckled” or “speckled," Brecken is a fresh, Irish alternative to the similar-sounding (and super-popular) Beckett.

37. Byron

Byron is an English name for boys that means “from the barns.”

38. Bodie

From the German surname, Bode, this longer version means “messenger.”

39. Bronx

One of the very first European settlers of the Bronx area of New York was Jonas Bronck. The area was called “Bronck’s land,” which is where the name comes from.

40. Briar

It's one of the newly popular nature-word names, charting in the U.S. for the first time in 2015 for both genders. Meaning “shrub” or “small tree,” this name symbolizes growth.

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41. Blaze

This one means “flame,” so chances are he’ll be a little feisty.

42. Bjorn

The Scandinavian moniker means “bear.” We guess that’s where Baby Bjorn got its name.

43. Benicio

If you’re looking for something that symbolizes kindness, look no further than this Spanish name, which means “benevolent one.”

44. Blaine

The Scottish name began gaining wider recognition in the 19th century. It also means “yellow,” most likely referring to someone with blonde or light hair.

45. Benedict

Refer to #4 for nickname ideas.

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46. Bishop

Bishop means “overseer” or “guardian.” Makes sense.

47. Basim

It means “smile” aka what your happy baby will be doing a lot of.

48. Bart

Usually short for Bartholomew, Bart does well all on its own. It’s also been made popular by a certain cartoon character.

49. Bongani

This African name means “grateful” or “he sings with joy” (fingers crossed your son turns out to have impressive vocal cords).

50. Baylor

Like Taylor with a twist. This moniker means "one who delivers goods."