11 Gorgeous Gender-Neutral Nursery Ideas

An eye for design starts young

Blue for boys and pink for girls? Time to bid adieu to that tired old rule and usher in the new wave of cozy, modern, non-gendered nurseries. The best part about a neutral aesthetic? You can start planning--and pinning--nice and early. Happy daydreaming.

Pair a warm, mid-century modern setup with cool-toned accents for a space any kid will happily grow into.

Or try sun-washed pastels and beachy textures for a breezy, Cali-cool vibe.

“Paris is always a good idea” applies to literally everything.

Home Polish

As do sheepskin accents, the snuggly staple of cozy babies everywhere.

Try a dreamy constellation theme for an aspiring astronaut.

preppy nautical vibe for the soon-to-be sailing buff.


Or a soothing safari scene for a budding world traveler.

Studio Mcgee

Bold yet elegant animal-print wallpaper and crisp wainscoting will suit any little sophisticate’s discerning tastes.  

Rebecca Sanabria

And while blue and white is always right, rich, velvety indigo is even better.

A blue and pink combo pays homage to both genders.

But when in doubt, a simple whiteout is pretty much perfection.