Hey, you’d be nonstop panting, too, if you were in your dog’s position—they have no other choice but to rock their fur coats even when temps average 85 degrees. Luckily there are other ways to keep your furry friends cool without restricting them to the air-conditioned house for the next few months. If you haven’t tried a cooling vest, now is the time to do so. Using evaporative technology, sun-reflecting material or water to keep Fido’s body temp from skyrocketing, they’re the easiest way to prevent him from overheating on all your adventures. Here are nine we love.

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1. TechNiche International Evaporative Cooling Dog Coat

Best Evaporative Cooling Vest

Just soak this vest in cool water for two minutes, squeeze out the excess and fasten onto your pup. Thanks to the unique fabric that absorbs and slowly releases water through evaporation, it can keep your pooch up to 15-degrees cooler for five to ten hours at a time. Bring on the nature walks.

Buy It ($40)


2. Suitical Dry Cooling Vest for Dogs

Best Long-Wear Cooling Vest

This vest also uses water to keep Fido cool. Open the valve and fill it with water to immediately and continuously keep his body temp at safe levels for one to three whole days. This one is ideal for weekend camping trips, and it’s easy to drain and refill on the go.

Buy It ($109; $102)


3. Ultra Paws Cool Coat

Best Cooling Vest with Pockets

Rather than water, this cooling coat uses dehydrated ice packs to offer serious heat relief. It also features hidden pockets for storing supplies on long walks (like your keys, wallet and maybe even some treats for Buster). Plus, the material reflects the sun’s rays to aid in the cooling process and the neck is adjustable, so it fits most breeds.

Buy It ($40)


4. RUFFWEAR Swamp Cooler Evaporative Dog Cooling Vest

Best UPF Cooling Vest

This vest also uses an evaporative cooling approach—soak it in water to activate the cooling potential. But our favorite thing about this coat? It provides UPF 50+ protection, because, yes, dogs can get sunburns just like us. Side-release buckles make it easy to put on and take off and it’s harness compatible, so you don’t have to worry about getting a new one just to wear with this vest.

$60 at Amazon


5. POPETPOP Dog Cooling Vest

Best Three-Layer Cooling Vest

This adjustable vest uses a three-layer approach to keep your pup nice and cool: The outer layer reflects heat, the middle layer absorbs and stores water and the mesh lining transfers the cooling effect to your dog’s skin.

$21 at Amazon


6. Coppthinktu Cooling Vest Harness for Dogs

Best Reflective Cooling Vest

Made of high quality PVA and mesh, this vest is one of the lightest and most breathable on the market. It won’t irritate your dog’s sensitive underside and reflects UV rays away to help with sun protection. We also love that it features an elastic band that loops around the tail to keep it in place no matter how much Spot runs around.

$18 at Amazon


7. CoolerDog Dog Cooling Vest and Cooling Collar

Best Vet-Developed Cooling Vest

This vest and collar combo was developed by veterinarians to pull heat from your dog at his hottest areas: the neck and chest. Unlike other vests that store water until it evaporates, this one features ice cube pockets that cool him down in any temperature. The fabric is completely machine washable, doesn’t have any buckles or latches that might pinch, and it’s chew resistant.

$35 at Amazon


8. Suitical Dry Cooling Vest Dog

Best Dry Cooling Vest

Rather than soaking this vest, you fill its interior pocket with water to cool up to 59 degrees below air temperature. It uses patented cooling technology, proven effective by athletes, soldiers and professionals. Plus, this one comes in sizes XS to XL, ensuring it fits Sparky like a glove, no matter his size.

$109 at Amazon


9. ALL FOR PAWS Chill Out Ice Bandana

Best Cooling Bandana

Though this is a bandana and not a vest, it works in the same way to cool down your pup. Soak it in water, ring it out and then loosely tie it around your dog’s neck. The material will remain cool until the water completely evaporates, and it’s easy to re-wet with a water bottle. It takes up zero space, so you can even bring it along on walks and trips (just in case!), without any problems.

$13 at Amazon

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