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Did you bring the snacks? Extra diapers? Enough wet wipes to bathe you and your kid in if all hell breaks loose? Sure, your daily carry might look a smidgen different than it used to, but that doesn’t mean you have to relinquish all style for utility. Here, nine fashionable handbags spacious enough for your breast pump and your laptop.  

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The Convertible Backpack

OK, so this one is technically a diaper bag. But it looks nothing like the clunky bags that scream “I have milk in here!” The straps convert it from a backpack into a crossbody or shoulder bag, and it has tons of interior pockets for things like milk (obviously), snacks and diapers. 

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The Zip-Top Leather Tote

Loved by moms and non-moms, this tote one-ups all your previous work bags with a convenient shoulder strap. Plus, it’s made with real leather, so it will last long after your diaper bag-xcarrying days are behind you.

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The Leopard Print Satchel

The trendiest of all diaper bags, this leopard print satchel is roomy enough for all those baby essentials while also adding a little somethin’ somethin’ to every outfit. Don’t want leopard print every day? The price makes it an affordable alternative to your less extra daily carry. Options, people.

Buy It ($90)


The Nylon Tote

You might even already have one of these. But if you don’t, we highly suggest grabbing one now that you have a kid. Next to leather, nylon is probably the easiest material to wipe clean, when the inevitable drool winds up all over it.

Buy It ($190)


The Athleisure Tote

Looks like a gym bag, because it is a gym bag. When you’re running around in leggings and a track jacket, this tote will make it look like you’re doing so with purpose. Oh, and you can also obviously use this for your actual yoga class, sans baby. Two birds, one stone.

Buy It ($126)

Saks Fifth Avenue

The Designer Shoulder Bag

One thing we know for sure: Bringing a new life into this world does not cancel out our love for designer things. So why compromise? Albeit pricey, this shoulder bag is spacious enough for all the baby things (diapers, snacks, binkies), wipes down easily and makes you feel like the chicest version of yourself—even if you haven’t showered in three days.

Buy It ($1,990)


The Structured Suede Tote

Real, soft suede gets better with age, so you don’t even have to worry about formula spills. And the structured shape keeps everything organized and upright (including half-drunk juice boxes), no matter where you set it down.

Buy It ($525)

Saks Fifth Avenue

The Quilted Satchel

We get it: Messes are inevitable. So if you’re a tad OCD about keeping everything clean (aren’t we all?), this is your saving grace. The quilted nylon is easy to wipe down and even easier to toss in the washing machine when things get wild. Oh, and it comes with three removable interior pouches (all of which are also easily washable), so you can transfer items from bag to bag without triple-checking that you have your kid’s favorite binky.

Buy It ($245)

Saks Fifth Avenue

The Kitschy Tote

Doubles as a diaper bag and triples as your kid’s entertainment. To be honest, we’re pretty into the googley eyes, too. 

Buy It ($550)

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