The 10 Best Diapers You Can Buy, According to Real Moms

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You’re reading about diapers, but there’s no shame in your game! Anyone with a baby will tell you how diapers have become a bigger part of life than sleep, food, friends…even new episodes of The Bachelor. But in all seriousness, you spend a lot of time changing the damn things, and you and your baby deserve the best. That’s why we did the research for you (sadly, you still have to do the dirty work) and rounded up the best diapers the retail world has to offer.

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1 seventh generation baby diapers for sensitive skin
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Best For Newborns:

1. Seventh Generation Baby Diapers For Sensitive Skin

This sustainably sourced option from Seventh Generation is very gentle on the skin and cost-effective to boot. These diapers get props for superior leak protection, and parents have a lot of good things to say about the snug and natural fit, which is pretty impressive to anyone who has diapered a squirmy, scrawny newborn (the original awkward phase).

2 pampers pure protection diapers
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2. pampers Pure Protection Diapers

This registry favorite boasts no fragrance, no chlorine, no parabens and (according to the moms who asked and received) no complaints. Luxuriously soft and suitable for even the most sensitive skin, this nappy makes good on its promise to pamper your newborn.

3 huggies special delivery hypoallergenic diapers

3. huggies Special Delivery Hypoallergenic Diapers

The packaging here is a bit heavy-handed (ugh, a black-and-white photo of mother and newborn...really?). But don’t worry, you’re not a sucker for sappy advertising if you scoop these up at the store. The Huggies Special Delivery line features an irritant-free diaper, specifically formulated for sensitive and allergy-prone skin. New moms can’t say enough about how soft it is; and since your newborn is on a crazy acid trip full of new sensations, soft is good.

4 the honest company overnight diapers

Best For Nighttime:

4. The Honest Company Overnights

If you’re lucky enough to have a baby who sleeps all night long, you definitely don’t want soggy, leaky nighttime diapers to rob you of that bliss. These guys are designed to deliver 12+ hours of dryness without the extra bulk—and moms say they work as well as their not-so-sustainable competition.

5 huggies overnites

5. huggies Overnites

If your baby doesn’t sleep all night long, she might start if you put her in these overnight diapers by Huggies—or at least that’s what several reviewers have reported. Best of all, these ultra-absorbent diapers boast a tab closure that parents say actually stays in place and provides a comfortable fit, even for the squirmiest sleeper.

6 luvs ultra leakguard diapers

6. Luvs Triple Leakguards Diapers

Ever fought hard to win your toddler’s cooperation with a diaper change, tasted victory and then found yourself back at square one because you accidentally ripped the entire tab off the diaper you were trying to put on? Even worse is when that happens at bedtime. This leakguard diaper from Luvs delivers long-lasting dryness, and fans appreciate its thoughtful design too. Thanks to the super-stretchy sides and tabs that can be refastened, you can rest assured that your supermom strength won’t cause a diaper disaster.

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7 pull ups training pants
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Potty-training Must-haves:

7. Huggies Pull-ups Training Pants

Consistency is key when potty training, but many parents choose to hold off on night training until the daytime is on lock—because honestly, who doesn’t dread the possibility of multiple bed-wetting wake-ups? Parents say that Pull-Ups training pants are perfect because they have the absorbency of a diaper, but the lightweight look and feel of undies, so kids don’t think they are actually going back to diapers when they put ’em on.

8 huggies slip on

8. Huggies Slip-on Diaper Pants

Another solid option for kids who are almost (but not quite) ready for real underwear. Reviewers say they love the Huggies Slip-On because it provides effective just-in-case protection (and a major sense of relief when you realize you embarked on your errands with your toddler in tow and no change of clothes). Best of all, parents say this diaper fits snug and stays in place at the playground.

9 babyganics ultra absorbent diapers
Bed Bath & Beyond

Eco-friendly Favorites:

9. BabyganicsSKIN LOVE Diapers

Some eco-friendly products force you to choose between your love of the planet and your love of buying things that actually work, but Babyganics Skin Love diapers do not disappoint. Made from only renewable resources and free from harsh chemicals, these nappies are nice to the earth and to your baby’s sensitive skin, and the rave reviews confirm that they really work.

10 andy pandy disposable bamboo diapers

10. Andy Pandy Bamboo Disposable Diapers

Possibly the most eco-friendly option on the market, Andy Pandy diapers are 100 percent biodegradable. They are also made without harsh chemicals, and parents say the “silky smooth” material is soft enough for even the most sensitive and rash-prone skin. You might be a little crunchy, but your baby’s diaper doesn’t have to be!

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