Shopping for Your Mini-Me? Here Are the 16 Best Amazon Prime Day Deals for Kids and Baby

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A design by Sammi Scheiderman for PureWow featuring a few of the best baby and kid deals during Amazon Prime Day 2023.
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First thing's first: Amazon Prime Day 2023 ends in less than 24 hours. At this point, we've guided you through the best deals on everything from beauty and tech to kitchen appliances, which is great—if you're above the age of 12. If you're looking to save for the younger set, however, you'll want to keep reading. After launching our first-ever Toddler Issue in June 2023 to help break down the highly challenging (but oh-so-rewarding) developmental stage, we've basically got this child thing down pat—and that includes having the 411 on all the best baby and kids' deals

We've rounded up 16 items that will help you save bank on car seats ($140), sensory toys ($12) and parenting essentials ($253)—but remember the clock is ticking, and fast. Whether you're a new mom or you've been nailing the whole parent thing for years, you'll want to take some time right this minute to shop through this list of items guaranteed to make you and your child's life, well, better.

The Toddler Issue: Embrace the Chaos

When it comes to car seats, the question isn't just whether you'll love it, but whether your kid will, too. Based on the 4.8-star rating from more than 70,000 Amazon shoppers, it's a pretty safe bet they will. 

The small details are what make this car seat one of the best around. Its adjustable design suits kids between 4 to 65 pounds, so you won't need to buy a new model every other year. It features cup holders and a four-position extension panel that provides even more rear-facing legroom (up to 5 inches), so baby can stretch those leggies. The machine-washable seat cushion is also worth mentioning, providing added peace of mind in the case of the inevitable juice spill. And if that weren't enough, it offers a six-position recline and ten head support options, as well as fuss-free harness storage to help keep your baby safe during their ride.

Among all the water balloons you can find on sale during Prime Day, a little birdie told us that Fonbay's can't be beaten. Because of the high-quality silicone that's supposedly way more durable than regular balloons, these enable you to use them over and over and over again (!). They also reportedly don't hurt when kids throw them at each other (or you). "No matter how hard you throw, these will not hurt," one reviewer assures. Here's how they work: Dunk em' in water to fill (they'll close automatically), and until your kids get ahold of them, they'll stay intact thanks to their magnetic closure. They'll collapse once they've reached impact for easy cleanup and storage. Yup, they can't be beaten.

We never thought we would be sucking things out of our babies' noses, but snot happens. This unique, non-invasive nasal aspirator blew up on Amazon, with parents raving about how well it got boogies out of their newborn’s nose. As one buyer says, "As disgusting as it seems, desperate times call for desperate measures. My little girl's nose was too small to use the manual bulb and so congested. This was the only tool we could use to suction out the boogies from her tiny nostrils." 

Essentially, this device allows you to control the suction by sucking on the red mouthpiece while the filtered tube that's sealed around your babe's nostrils gets to work getting all the mucus out. It also comes with 24 hygiene filters, so you can keep your toddler's nose clear of boogers for as long as possible. As for the mouthpiece and nasal tube, just stick it in the dishwasher for cleaning. Easy, no?

  • Size Range: 2T to 5T

Shopping for a little girl? You'll want to add this machine-washable three-pack to her wardrobe. The shirts are as adorable as they come, with lace details, flutter sleeves and fun floral and stripe prints. And with cotton, polyester and elastane materials, they'll be comfy, too, but don't just take our word for it. One buyer shares, "[They're] very cute, soft tops for my 2-year-old. She has very sensitive skin, so softness is always a concern in purchasing clothing that will not irritate her. [And] the fit was perfect with a little room to grow." Need we say more?

If you're shopping for back-to-school deals, you must grab this insulated bottle for as low as $13. It'll come in handy at school, keeping their drinks cold for up to 12 hours, thanks to its high-quality stainless-steel construction. They'll love carrying it from the handle, and it has a removable, hygienically covered pop-up straw (designed to keep germs away) that you'll love sticking in the dishwasher. Just take it from this happy reviewer: "[It was] easy for my toddler to learn how to open and close it. Spill-proof, unless it’s on its side with the lid opened. But even then, doesn’t spill too much."

Ever since PureWow's VP of Branded Content Editor Angela Pares gave Evenflo her stamp of approval, we've been patiently waiting to snag one of the brand's car seats on sale. You can read her full review here, but in the meantime, you can score 23 percent off the Rowe Pink version of this fan-favorite model until tonight, July 12.

Moms love it because not only does it have a 360-degree rotation, so they won't struggle to get their child in and out with one hand, but also because it can be adjusted into three modes (rear-facing, forward-facing and booster) to support kids all the way up to 10 years old (or 120 pounds). Plus, the brand says it's side-impact tested, rollover- and temperature-tested, so the nice-looking and comfy polyester fabric is just a bonus. Simply put from one buyer, "The materials are quality, the swiveling is an amazing feature and installation was easy. Can't say enough good things about this."

It's not every day that you'll find a two-month supply of best-selling diapers on sale, so we'll hop right into it: This starter pack is a must-have for expecting mothers, because they're hypoallergenic and leakproof, featuring gap-free fit with a 360-degree stretchy waistband, according to the brand. And with tear-away sides and disposable tape, it won't be rocket science to put them on and take them off. Basically, you'll be as confident as you can be when using them—and they come with eight sensitive-skin friendly and fragrance-free wipe packs.

The 4.9-star rating probably gave this away, but these magnetic Magna-Tiles are mega-popular among kiddos and parents. They reportedly have superior quality, made from food-grade, non-toxic MABS plastic, so they're not likely to crack or give out for hours of play. Better yet, the construction possibilities are endless, since this set comes with 100 translucent geometric shapes in six colors. One reviewer confirms, "My son and I have made some really interesting structures together. And its usefulness increases as my son's cognitive skills too."

Fun fact: These Magna-Tiles are a certified STEAM toy by the Toy Association, which means they've been shown to support the development of fine motor skills, bilateral coordination and more.

Our tester was a fan of Nanit's baby monitoring system, which you can read all about in her full review. But essentially, she says it'll make your life as a new parent *infinitely* easier. "Whether you’re checking the temperature and humidity of the baby’s room at a glance, tracking their sleep stats on the Nanit app, getting remote alerts to see how they're napping with the sitter or packing it up in seconds to pop into your suitcase for travel, [it's useful]," she explains.

This is all made possible due to its 1080p HD video that delivers a 130-degree view and computer vision technology, which allows you to check on your babe wherever you are, even on a split-screen. And thanks to a mountable Flex stand, you can easily set it up wherever makes the most sense. 

  • Size Range: 4T to 13 Little Kid

It's no secret that adults and kids alike love Crocs, which is why we suggest you hop on this deal for them. The truth of the matter is these Bayaband clogs are so universally beloved because they're lightweight, water-friendly and stay cool during the summer with a Croslite foam that's as comfy as ever. "No complaints from my 5-year-old son with some sensory problems with other shoes/clothing," one reviewer writes, adding that these shoes are easy to get on and off and look brand-spanking new after cleaning. If you really want to win Mom of the Year, scoop up some Crocs shoe charms (on sale for just $9) to add a personalized touch.

Reviewers admit that this audio player's setup process isn't for the weak, but they also say the results make it worth it, especially if your kiddo loves Lightning McQueen, Simba, Winnie-the-Pooh and more of this box's included Tonie characters. It's the best screen-free and interactive entertainment out there, according to the parents and kids who love it, and involves placing a Tonie on top of the included device to unlock and play accompanying stories and songs for up to seven hours. While your child can control the volume, power, speed and more, you can also keep them in check using the Mytonies app if need be. Writes one buyer, who says it's worth every penny: "The box itself is a thick, cushiony material, so if it's dropped, it absorbs the shock and won't break. And there are so many Tonies to choose from. Love it!"

As far as baby wipes go, The Honest Company's extra-thick version isn't just gentle and safe for them, but for you, too. They're made with 99 percent water and just seven transparent ingredients, so yes, they're a go for sensitive skin—they're even approved by the National Eczema Association. Eco-conscious shoppers will also love that they disintegrate in eight weeks. "They aren't flushable, but I feel better about using these because they don't have fake perfumes or anything that causes me to have an allergic reaction, like rashes or sneezing," one buyer wrote.

PSA: There are a few Graco car seats on sale right now. Among the best of them is the SlimFit model, which boasts a *4.9*-star rating and has more bells and whistles than you can shake a stick at. It has a super-slim design (it clocks in at 21.5 by 19.9 inches by 25.5 inches) to save space in the back seat of your car, with integrated, functional cup holders that rotate for days. Then, there's the adjustable harness and headrest, which you can put into ten positions to ensure your kiddo is secure and comfortable as they get bigger. The seat can also be converted into three positions as they grow: rear-facing, for when they're between 5 and 40 pounds, forward-facing for those between 22 and 65 pounds and high-back booster for those between 40 and 100 pounds. Needless to say, it's so impressive that we had to write a whole story about it.

This bento box has five compartments to separate all sorts of foods (veggie wraps, strawberries, popcorn, you name it), and its leak-proof technology ensures that each section is airtight, so foods don't mix (a godsend for picky eaters). Even better, the microwaveable tray has durable, rubber-coated edges that make it easy to remove, wash and pack day after day. Wondering if they'll struggle to open and close it? Judging by the two kid-friendly latches, that shouldn't be a problem.

LeapFrog has been around for decades, helping kids 18 months and up to learn the alphabet through loads of words chosen by learning experts. Just imagine your kiddo flipping through the pages of this book and touching every word on the screen as it reads it aloud, so you don't have to (we're not judging). It also has sound effects and two theme songs, which they can activate by pressing the light-up start button. Last but not least, you can switch from English to Spanish to help improve their language skills. Just don't forget that you'll need two AA batteries to power er' up.

With 24 jumbo pieces, this extra-thick puzzle (spanning 36 inches by 24 inches) will provide hours of fun for your son or daughter, either with your help or on their own. The brand says it promotes hand-eye coordination and problem-solving skills, and reviewers agree. And don't assume they'll get bored with it after putting it together a couple of times: One buyer says it's kept her child satisfied for four months and counting. P.S.—the pieces are also easy to clean.

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Destinee Scott is PureWow’s Associate Sales and Deals Editor. She’s been chasing sales and deals for a decade and knows a good one when she sees one for fashion, home, beauty...