‘You’ Season 4: Fan-Favorite Character Makes Surprise Return in New Part 2 Trailer

*Warning: Spoilers ahead*

This brand-new trailer proves that a fan-favorite character is returning for You season 4.

Today, Netflix released the first official trailer for part two of You season 4. (P.S. The teaser contains spoilers from the first part of season 4, so if you haven’t finished watching, please proceed with caution.)

In the trailer, Joe (Penn Badgley) confronts Rhys (Ed Speleers) and demands to know his intentions for stalking him. Rhys responds, “I want a friend. Someone who shares my interests. Someone I can finally tell all my secrets to. I care about you, Joe.”

Since Rhys is running for Mayor of London, he uses his newfound power to blackmail Joe. As a result, Joe is constantly looking over his shoulder, afraid of what’s lurking behind him. “You don’t get to tell me who I am,” he tells Rhys. “I am not some cold-blooded psycho.”

you season 4 part 2 trailer penn badgley
Courtesy of Netflix

On the bright side, Joe is finally showing some restraint in the dating department. “Kate, of course, I want you,” he says, referring to Charlotte Ritchie’s character. “But I can’t have you.”

The trailer concludes with Joe walking into a library to find—wait for it—Love (Victoria Pedretti), the ex-girlfriend he killed in season 3. “Hi, Joe,” she says.

So, did Love cheat death? Or has she returned from the dead to haunt Joe? Guess we’ll have to wait until the second part of You season 4 hits Netflix on March 9.

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