‘We Have a Ghost’ Is the New #1 Flick on Netflix (and of Course It Stars Jennifer Coolidge)

*Warning: Spoilers ahead*

Anyone who has seen ET: The Extra-Terrestrial, will notice some clear parallels in Netflix's new comedy horror, We Have a Ghost. You'll recall that the '80s classic revolves around a boy who tries to help his new friend—a stranded alien—return home before government agents get to them. Similarly, in Netflix's comedy horror, Kevin (Jahi Di'Allo Winston) befriends a ghost named Ernest (David Harbour), who has been haunting his new home. As he tries to help Ernest cross over, however, the CIA intervenes. And guys, this isn't even half the story.

We Have a Ghost only just premiered on Netflix on Feb. 24, and it quickly jumped into the #1 spot on Netflix's list of most-watched films, where it is currently sitting above films like The Strays, The Woman King and Your Place or Mine.

With regards to the plot, just imagine the familiar storyline of a clueless family moving into a haunted home, but with a modernized twist. While Kevin is determined to help Ernest, his father (played brilliantly by Anthony Mackie) tries to profit off of the ghost, so there's a viral YouTube video, a ghost-inspired TikTok challenge, an Ernest segment on Dr. Phil and a swarm of obsessive fans and reporters at their home.

Directed by Christopher Landon, who's known for titles like Happy Death Day 2U and Freaky, the movie shows plenty of promise due to strong performances—including an excellent cameo by Jennifer Coolidge. But because there is so much going on, it stretches on for way too long (two hours and seven minutes, to be exact). And despite efforts to seamlessly blend different genres together, this only makes it harder to get the message and pinpoint the movie's overall tone.

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Fortunately, the amount of star power in this film goes a very long way. Harbour, who plays the famous ghost, can barely utter a word, but his facial expressions speak volumes. Meanwhile, Mackie perfectly embodies the crafty patriarch and Coolidge, who plays a popular Internet medium Judy Romano, dominates every scene that she's in, making viewers wish that she had more screen-time. Tig Notaro stands out as a talented paranormal scientist who deals with a guilty conscience when she teams up with the CIA. And as for Winston, he delivers a solid performance as teen outsider Kevin, although there are moments when his serious portrayal feels a bit out of place in more light-hearted and goofy moments.

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It's more than enough to keep viewers occupied.

Of course, this is not to say that the movie isn't entertaining. While it's not at all scary, it does boast a few laugh-out-loud moments and touch on timely themes.

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We Have a Ghost has a lot going for it, including a strong cast, an intriguing plot and exciting action sequences. The movie does feel a bit chaotic which can be distracting and its two-hour runtime could have been cut down. But, once again, thank goodness for Jennifer Coolidge.

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