Charmaine’s Baby Daddy Mystery Is Solved in the ‘Virgin River’ Finale—& Our Prediction Was So Wrong

We didn't see this coming

virgin river charmaine baby daddy calvin
Courtesy of Netflix

*Warning: Spoilers ahead*

If you’re a fan of Netflix’s Virgin River, then you may agree that Charmaine (Lauren Hammersley) has been pregnant for what feels like forever. And ever since she told Jack (Martin Henderson) that he’s not the father of the twins, we’ve been trying to solve the mystery that is Charmaine.

virgin river charmaine baby daddy calvin lauren hammersley
Courtesy of Netflix

Luckily, the season five finale presents us with new revelations about her pregnancy—including the identity of the twins’ father. The bombshell is revealed toward the end of the episode, when Charmaine is walking to her car. When she reaches the door, she’s shocked to see Calvin (David Cubitt) heading toward her.

Charmaine is surprised to see him because Calvin was assumed dead after the boat explosion in season three. But that isn’t the only surprise. Right on cue, Calvin reveals why he’s returning to Virgin River. “You know what I want,” he says. “I want to be a father to my boys.”

virgin river charmaine lauren hammersley
Courtesy of Netflix

That’s right. Calvin is the father of Charmaine’s babies. We admittedly didn’t see this coming. There were countless theories about who could be the father, including Mike (Marco Grazzini), Todd (Patrick Sabongui) or—dare we say—Brady (Benjamin Hollingsworth). But we never expected Charmaine to stoop as low as Calvin.

Perhaps there were clues that we missed. For example, how did Charmaine react after the explosion? Was she disappointed…or relieved? And why did she fool Jack into thinking the babies were his? Maybe Charmaine knew that Calvin wasn’t fit to be a dad all along.

The Virgin River season five holiday episodes can’t come soon enough.

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