Prime Video's 'Jungle' Is the Hip Hop Musical We Never Knew We Needed

If you've ever wondered what a cross between Power and Hamilton would look like—complete with a dystopian twist—then it would probably be a little something like Prime Video's British hip hop drama, Jungle. (FYI, speaking of Prime Video, you don't want to miss Prime Day 2023, which takes place July 11–12. If you're not a member, you can sign up here.)

This criminally underrated gem hit the streaming service in 2022, and we're ashamed to say that we hadn't tried it out until now. In case you're unfamiliar, Jungle follows the interconnected lives of a group of strangers as they deal with several challenges in a futuristic London—except these stories are told through a unique mixture of dialogue and U.K. rap/drill music.

The series begins with a young father-to-be named Gogo, who's desperate to escape the suffocating world of crime. But after promising his partner that he's doing one final job, he gets caught up in a murder that puts his future plans—and life—in jeopardy. Meanwhile, several others begin to feel the ripple effects of his actions as they try to navigate life in inner-city London.

Jungle will certainly appeal to those who live and breathe hip-hop culture, thanks to a star-studded list of talented artists like Tinie Tempah, Big Narstie, Jordan McCann and IAMDDB. These guys have mastered the art of storytelling through rap, and their transitions from dialogue to music are seamless. But as impressed as we were by the musical element, this actually wasn't the biggest highlight for us.

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Prime Video

Even without an extensive hip-hop or rap background, we were still drawn to this series—and we'd say that in itself is a testament to how universal the show's themes are. It highlights the Black British experience in such a creative and compelling way, from the future father who feels trapped in a life of crime to the young mother who goes to great lengths to protect her child. It's fascinating to see how the community survives in such a difficult environment, and it honestly tackles topics like race, police brutality, PTSD, drugs and poverty. But the series also sends an important message about choices and the gravity of certain consequences.

Also worth noting are the stunning visuals. From holographic menus to giant, neon-colored ads on skyscrapers, there are moments where it legit feels like another sequel to Blade Runner.

prime video jungle 3

If you're craving a unique series that boasts amazing cinematography and stellar hip-hop talent, then you ought to give Jungle a try. For now, we'll be waiting in the edge of our seat for news of a possible second season.

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