This New True-Crime Netflix Series Will Chill You to the Bone—and It Just Cracked the Site's Top 10

If you can't stop watching true crime, then Netflix is usually the right place to go, with programs covering everything from the story of a missing Italian gymnast to the events of a tragic massacre in Mexico.

However, if you're like us and you've made your way through every true-crime title on the streaming service, then this new release is cause for excitement.

Earlier this week, Netflix dropped a new docuseries titled Catching Killers, which offers first-hand accounts from investigators who worked to solve serial killer cases. After premiering on November 4, the series has already cracked the site's list of top shows, where it currently sits at #6. And based on the trailer alone, it looks like this show is going to give us serious chills. Check it out below.

In the trailer, the featured investigators discuss the effect of these cases on their lives and their psyches. “I'm gonna be honest with you,” one person says in the clip. “Walking up to this crime scene after 30 years—the sad part that somebody lost their life right here, a few feet from us—it just kinda rushes over you.”

Netflix's official writeup for the series says: “The investigators behind infamous serial killer cases reveal the harrowing, chilling details of their extraordinary efforts in this true crime series.”

Another interviewee adds, “When you see something like that, it has some effect on you.”

The four episodes of Catching Killers are available to stream on Netflix, and the show currently sits between The Great British Baking Show and the new Army of the Dead prequel Army of Thieves in the nation's top ten.

We will definitely be streaming this weekend (and keeping our blinds closed).

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