Can’t get enough of The Great British Baking Show (AKA The Great British Bake Off)? Join the party. As much as we’d hate to be the subject of Mary Berry’s wrath, we can’t help but wonder what it’s like to be a contestant on the show. Quite frankly, we have a number of questions.

In particular, where is The Great British Baking Show filmed? And can anyone (including international bakers) apply to be a competitor? Keep reading for all the details.

where is the great british baking show filmed
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1. Where is The Great British Baking Show filmed?

It depends on which season you’re referring to. The first few seasons were filmed at various locations throughout England. As of 2014, The Great British Baking Show was shot in Berkshire. Producers set up the tent on the grounds of Welford Park in Newbury, which is where the majority of the show (excluding field trips) was filmed.

However, the same can’t be said about the 2020 episodes. The new season was filmed at Down Hall Hotel in Bishop’s Stortford, so producers could comply with social distancing protocols. The Victorian-style residence sits upon 110 acres of land, creating more than enough space for contestants to maintain a six-foot distance.

2. What is The Great British Baking Show about?

The show follows a group of amateur cooks, who embark on a journey to become Great Britain’s best baker. Over the course of ten weeks, the contestants participate in a variety of competitions that are designed to test their skills in the kitchen. The cakes, breads and pastries are then judged by a highly esteemed panel of judges, who seemingly have the best job ever.

3. How can I watch The Great British Baking Show?

There are eight collections of The Great British Baking Show available on Netflix. (FYI: The show is called The Great British Bake Off in the U.K.)

4. How do contestants apply for The Great British Baking Show?

Unfortunately, The Great British Baking Show isn’t casting at the moment (the deadline already passed for the most recent posting), but there’s a good chance that could change in the near future.

It’s important to note that getting on the show is pretty tedious, since there are several requirements one must meet to apply. For example, applicants must be 16+ and a resident of the U.K.

Once selected, the contestants will go through a series of assessments by researchers, followed by an audition, a screen test and an interview with a producer. If they’re still in the running, the participants will return to bake two recipes for the judges. Everyone must undergo a psych evaluation, and if they pass, they’ll be considered for a highly coveted spot on the show. Although the judges typically choose between ten and 13 contestants, producers always have two bakers on-hand as alternates. (You know, just in case someone can’t handle the pressure.)

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