‘The Great British Baking Show’ Winning Prize Is Spectacularly…Vanilla

From delicious confections to perfectly molded fondant, there’s no denying the skill of contestants on The Great British Baking Show (aka The Great British Bake Off in the U.K.).

And with many American cooking shows, like Chopped and Cupcake Wars, promising particularly skilled chefs $10,000 and the chance to be featured at an upcoming event, we couldn’t help but wonder what winners of the delightfully British baking competition show receive. 

It turns out that crown bakers on The Great British Baking Show don’t leave with much more than they came with. According to Metro, winners are only awarded a measly cake stand and flowers. So there’s no money, no show deals or chichi jobs, just two things they easily could have bought at the grocery store.  

In our humble opinion, they deserve—no, knead—more. We’ll meditate on this injustice while we watch new seasons of the series on Netflix.


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