This Indie Drama Hit #1 on Netflix Thanks to Its Leading Actress’s Oscar Nod

Still from 'To Leslie.'
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Come Oscars season, it's not always easy to watch all of the nominated films. While a few titles may be available for streaming, others might still be showing in theaters (and then others might simply be impossible to hunt down). Now that we're just a few months past from Hollywood's biggest night, we can finally view more of these titles from the comfort of our couches. And one of those films, To Leslie, just hit Netflix to much fanfare: After only two days, it moved into the top spot on the streaming site's list of most-watched movies (it has since settled into the #4 spot).

To Leslie follows single mother Leslie Rowland (Andrea Riseborough), who suffers from drug and alcohol abuse but thinks she's won it big when she wins a local lottery for $190k.

Years later, Leslie has blown away all the money and still suffers from substance abuse. So, she turns to her estranged, 20-year-old son James (Owen Teague) for help.

Thanks to her stirring performance as Leslie, Riseborough ended up receiving an Academy Award nomination for Best Actress, where she competed against Michelle Yeoh, Cate Blanchett, Ana de Armas and Michelle Williams (Yeoh ultimately took home the prize).

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In addition to her Oscar nod, Riseborough also received nominations for Best Actress at the Chicago Film Critics Association Awards, the Chlotrudis Awards and the Gijón International Film Festival Awards. She also won for Best Performance at the Raindance Film Festival Awards.

Along with Riseborough and Teague, To Leslie also stars Allison Janney (I, Tonya), Marc Maron (The Bad Guys), Andre Royo (The Spectacular Now), Stephen Root (Office Space) and James Landry Hebert (1883).

We know what we'll be watching this weekend. *Adds to queue.*

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