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Sure, their advice can be lame/hard-to-swallow/cloying at times, but as much as it pains us to say this out loud: Moms really do know best. Here, 22 things they were actually (OK, definitely) right about. But shhhhh, let’s keep this all on the DL.


1. The virtues of sending a thank-you note.

2. The fact that you did one day come to appreciate your piano lessons.

3. That a tongue ring really isn’t a good look on anyone.


4. That wearing sunscreen actually matters. (Our wrinkle-free complexions are proof.)

5. That you’re your best self on a full night’s sleep.

6. That you’re a total grump when you overextend yourself. 

7. That your ex really wasn’t good enough.

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8. The importance of separating darks and whites. (Damn you, pink sock.)

9. The dangers of sitting too close to the TV.

10. The necessity of always buckling your seatbelt.

11. The age-old dictum, “In ten years, this won’t matter.” (Even though you didn’t believe her for a second when Chad asked Brenda to the seventh-grade dance.)


12. Always pee before you leave the house.

13. Always check to be sure you have a tampon before you leave the house.

14. Vitamin C and vitamin D (heck, all the vitamins) are everything.

15. If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.


16. Visible bra straps are tacky.

17. Also, you’ll grow into your boobs.

18. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

19. One day, you’ll actually like coffee…and broccoli…and wine.


20. That you should never rush when you’re shaving your armpits.

21. Or ever, ever, ever leave wet towels on the floor.

22. That you’ll definitely thank her when you’re older.


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