This NBC Action Thriller Wants to Be the Next ‘24’ But It Totally Misses the Mark

If you’re a lover of the thriller genre (like me), there have been a lot of good series for you to binge as of late. With shows like Severance, Shining Girls, and Gaslit (yes, the one with Julia Roberts) being at the top of everyone’s watch list, it's quite hard to know which new shows are worth checking out. Luckily, PureWow’s new weekly entertainment podcast, Stream On, is here to separate the good from the bad, the must-watch from the hard pass, the….you get the idea.

On this week’s episode, co-hosts Phil Mutz and Rachel Gulmi discuss the latest NBC action thriller series that has been popping up on everyone’s radar: The Endgame. Without giving too much away, this heist drama follows a criminal mastermind (Morena Baccarin) who orchestrates a series of bank robberies in New York City. Agent Val Turner (played by Ryan Michelle Bathe) tries to stop her before it’s too late.

So, what’s the final verdict? Well…the show was definitely a miss. If you jump to the 19:28 timestamp in the episode above, Mutz praises the show’s leads for their performances. But, there’s unfortunately just too much going on in one episode. Now, Mutz does flag a few moments where it kinda felt like the 2001 crime drama, 24, but reveals that overall the show fell flat in so many ways. All in all, he says the storyline feels too “erratic” and “all over the place.” (Talk about a huge let-down.)

But, there was one show that completely won over Gulmi’s heart, and it’s the new Netflix teen drama, Heartstopper. “I’m so obsessed with it,” she said. “It’s the cutest, most adorable show.” If you’re interested in hearing more thoughts, you can fast forward to the 4:02 mark.

PureWow’s Assistant Editor of News and Entertainment, Joel Calfee, shared a similar sentiment in his Heartstopper review, saying, “It’s invigorating to see a world where trans and queer teens are warmly accepted for who they are.”

Always remember to keep calm and Stream On!

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