2 Podcast Hosts Debate Whether ‘Russian Doll’ Season 2 Is Worth the Watch

Russian Doll season 2 is now streaming on Netflix…but is it worth the watch?

On this week’s episode of PureWow’s new Stream On podcast, co-hosts Phil Mutz and Rachel Gulmi discussed their hits and misses for the week. Although one co-host can’t get enough of the show’s second installment, the other agreed to disagree.

At the 5:14 mark, Gulmi names Russian Doll season two as her hit of the week. Although it’s “very different” from the first installment, she’s enjoying the new story line. “I love the overall vibe,” she says. “I just think Russian Doll brings another element of time loops. It’s just different from how they’re normally done.”

On the other hand, Mutz thinks Russian Doll season two falls flat. “It was in a different section for me,” he explains. “This is my miss of the week.”

“Just to clarify, season one—to me—felt very clear what is going on. Nadia [Natasha Lyonne] is in a time loop, she keeps dying, her day keeps resetting,” Mutz continues. “What didn’t work for me, for this show for season two, is I didn’t understand why there’s a problem.”

The co-host explains that season one had a clear purpose, while the new episodes don’t. “It didn’t feel like the same stakes. It didn’t feel as important to me,” he says. “If this is really so crazy, stop getting on the train.”

Both co-hosts note that Russian Doll season two does feature memorable performances by Lyonne and Schitt’s Creek alum Annie Murphy. As for the actual subject matter, we’ll let you be the judge.

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