Simone Biles Gives Us a Lesson in Keeping it Classy with Response to Online Trolls: ‘Just Be Kind’

Simone Biles is reminding us all to stay classy—even when clapping back at trolls.

In case you missed it, two shows in Biles's Gold Over America tour were canceled this past weekend, which sparked some not-so-nice comments on social media. A few followers who already purchased their tickets decided to take their anger out on the 24-year-old Olympian, even though she explained that she was unaware of these cancellations until the very last minute. In response to one frustrated fan on Twitter, she wrote, "It’s as disappointing for me as it is for you. I don’t get why you guys attack me though. Just be kind."

She continued, "I’m heartbroken as well. It’s completely out of my control. So I apologize. Have a golden night."

Many fans were quick to support the star. One person tweeted, "The GOAT stays classy and considerate. We love you!!" Another fan responded, "You are loved and respected by those who matter." 

Per Essentially Sports, the event was called off in Oklahoma and Texas, and while some outlets have reported that this was due to a scheduling conflict, Athleta, the presenting sponsor, hasn't confirmed the reason behind these cancellations. However, it looks like the remaining shows are still a go.

After the official kickoff in Tucson, Arizona, earlier this month, Biles and her all-star team of gymnasts (including Jordan Chiles, Jade Carey and Laurie Hernandez) have been stopping at different cities to showcase their talent. Per the official website, the tour “is a celebration of powerful female athletes who, together, are a united force proudly representing the sport of women’s gymnastics and inspiring the next generation of athletes.”

Biles also revealed in an official statement, "I love the sport of gymnastics and wanted to help create a show that celebrates the pure joy of performing, I believe there is gold inside of us all and it’s time to let that gold shine.” And *cue round of applause.*

Clearly, no troll can dim Simone's shine. 

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