Simone Biles Reflects on Olympics Ahead of Upcoming Tour: ‘I Wouldn't Take it Back for the World’

While Simone Biles has been accustomed to the spotlight for being the most-decorated gymnast of all time, she more recently made waves when she withdrew from the team and individual all-around finals, as well as three individual event finals at the Tokyo Olympics, in an effort to prioritize her mental health and ensure her safety.

The decision received messages of support from her boyfriend, her teammates, as well as major celebs. And now, after she still walked home with two medals, Biles is opening up about her experiences at the Tokyo games.

As the world champion prepares to go on the Gold Over America Tour with a troupe of fellow gymnasts, she talked with Entertainment Tonight about her feelings following the Olympics. “I believe everything happens for a reason, so I wouldn't take it back for the world,” she said. “Obviously there are still a lot of feels and emotions behind it, but as far as my Olympic experience goes, it was very unique and there is nothing like it.”

She continued by saying that the unexpected events of the Tokyo games allowed her to see things in a totally new light. “We even got to interact with the boys. Usually I am not in the stands, but I got to be, so I got to experience the Olympics in a different way,” she said.

Biles affirmed her decision, too by adding, “I wasn't in the right headspace to compete, so I can't be mad. I made the safest decision and it took a lot of courage.”

The gymnast furthered the message in a post on her Instagram seen above, where she mused, “How has it only been two weeks since Tokyo?” Biles said, “Since I've been home, I've just been reminded over and over of how grateful I am for my support system. Put your mental health first. That's more important than any other medal you could win. Thank you @athleta and my community for being on this ride with me. ♥.”

Keep spreading this message, Simone.

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