2 Criminally Underrated Shows (and They Both Have Second Seasons on the Way)

These days, it may feel like all you ever hear about are Stranger Things or Bridgerton, but there are plenty of great shows out there that don't get the attention they deserve.

Recently, the co-hosts of the entertainment podcast Stream OnPureWow's VP of Entertainment, Phil Mutz, and Operations Director of Branded Content, Rachel Gulmi—highlighted two shows they loved that were criminally underrated. And the good news? Both of these series are coming back for a second season.

It all starts around the 24:30 mark (above), where the co-hosts introduce a new segment, which they like to call “Criminally Underrated.”

Gulmi begins by spotlighting the Mindy Kaling-created HBO Max series, The Sex Lives of College Girls. This comedy about four freshmen at a liberal arts college received a rave review from our site when it premiered back in the fall, and Gulmi thinks it's worthy of the praise.

“It is so good and I feel like when it came out, nobody was talking about it, and [they're] still not talking about it,” the co-host said. While describing it as a grown-up version of Never Have I Ever, Gulmi talked about the ways in which Sex Lives “flips the script” on the stereotypical college narrative. “This [series] shows the woman's side of it and they're not afraid to show them in these sexual situations...and they do a really good job.”

Meanwhile, Mutz chose to focus on another HBO series, Somebody Somewhere, which follows a Kansan native, Sam (played by Bridget Everett), who returns home following the death of her sister and finds a new community of support, while also turning to singing as a way to push forward.

Mutz said the dramedy is “Very, very funny, and also very heartbreaking and deep,” and although it only premiered back in January, the VP of entertainment admitted that he fell in love with it. “The episodes are short and very digestible,” he said, while also commending Everett's comedic skills (as well as her singing voice).

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