Is Melissa McCarthy’s New Netflix Show a Must-See or a Giant Flop? Our Entertainment Editors Strongly Disagree

If you’ve been scrolling through Netflix recently, then you may have noticed Melissa McCarthy’s new comedy series, God’s Favorite Idiot, has just debuted on the platform. Since its release, the show has stayed in the top 10 most-watched list (where it currently holds the number six spot).

Like the rest of us, you might be wondering: Is this show worth checking out? That’s where PureWow’s Stream On podcast comes in. On this week’s episode of the entertainment pod, co-hosts Phil Mutz and Rachel Gulmi talked about their hits and misses for the week. At the 17:15 mark, Mutz explained why the show is “so freaking funny” and deserves a watch.

God’s Favorite Idiot follows mid-level tech support employee Clark Thompson (Ben Falcone, aka McCarthy’s real-life husband), who gets struck by lightning and becomes a messenger of God. Oh, and did we mention he must stop the apocalypse from happening? To save the world, Clark asks his coworkers, including Amily Luck (McCarthy), for help. Nothing could go wrong (yeah, right).

So what did Gulmi think of the show? Unfortunately, she had to put the new comedy in the miss category. Listen to the full episode above to hear why God’s Favorite Idiot didn’t quite hit the mark for her. The co-hosts also discussed Maya Rudolph’s new comedy Loot, Netflix’s take on Iron Chef and the new movie Spiderhead (you know, the one with Chris Hemsworth).

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