‘Spencer’ Star Kristen Stewart Accidentally Punched Chris Hemsworth During a Movie Stunt

Chris Hemsworth may play a superhero in Marvel movies, but he apparently got a taste of some real-life action while filming Snow White and the Huntsman with Kristen Stewart back in 2012.

While promoting his new film, Thor: Love and Thunder, Hemsworth sat down with GQ to discuss his most iconic movie roles. The Last Song actor revealed that he was accidentally punched by Stewart while shooting a scene for Snow White.

“I was more upset she didn't continue on through the take,” Hemsworth joked. “She kind of hit me and then immediately went, ‘Oh my god! I'm so sorry.’ I was like, ‘That would've been the perfect, most truthful take we had.’ I think she was more upset than I was.”

In the movie, Stewart's character is supposed to punch Hemsworth's face, but, of course, the scene was choreographed to look real. However, Stewart ended up accidentally clocking the 38-year-old actor.

The Twilight actress talked about the stunt gone wrong during an interview on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno. She said she “basically knocked him right out of his close-up.” She added, “I mean, it literally spun him right around. It was crazy.”

Stewart recalled yelping when her knuckles made contact with his face. “I'm not proud, though,” she added. “Instantly, tears sprung to my eyes. [I was] like, ‘Are you OK?’”

In the film, Stewart plays the titular character, while Hemsworth plays Eric the Huntsman, who ends up becoming Snow White's love interest throughout the course of the film.

All we know is that if anyone can take a punch, it's probably the God of Thunder.

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