I Just Watched ‘The Princess Switch 2’ on Netflix & Here’s My 100% Honest Review

*Warning: Minor spoilers ahead*

Remember The Princess Switch (Netflix’s 2018 version of The Parent Trap)? Well, the streaming service just debuted the highly anticipated sequel, The Princess Switch 2 (AKA The Princess Switch: Switched Again), which is bound to end up on Netflix’s list of most-watched flicks.

So, what is The Princess Switch 2 about? And is it worth the watch? Keep reading for my honest review.

princess switch 2 netflix review
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1. What's 'the Princess Switch 2' About?

The Princess Switch: Switched Again picks up right where we left off in the first movie. ICYMI: Vanessa Hudgens played two characters—Stacy and Duchess Margaret of Montenaro—who switched places after running into each other (literally) at a baking competition. In the all-new sequel, Hudgens portrays three different roles. (Not kidding.)

The movie begins with a reintroduction to the characters. While Stacy is now happily married to Prince Edward (Sam Palladio), Lady Margaret is preparing to take over the throne in the wake of the King of Montenaro’s death.

The problem? The soon-to-be queen seems down, according to Stacy. Cue Kevin (Nick Sagar), the single dad who appeared in the first movie and hit it off with Princess Margaret. He and his daughter, Olivia (Mia Lloyd), accompany Stacy to Montenaro to help the royal prepare for her upcoming Christmas coronation.

In the midst of the chaos, Margaret agrees to a predictable plan to switch places with Stacy (again), so she can spend quality time with Kevin. Shortly after the switcheroo, the royal’s evil cousin, Fiona (also played by Vanessa Hudgens), shows up to the palace with a similar scheme of her own. When Fiona mistakenly kidnaps Stacy (who’s pretending to be Margaret), it forces the real Princess Margaret to fight to regain her identity.

I don’t want to give too much away, but let’s just say there’s far more to the story than what’s already been told. *Curtsies*

princess switch 2 netflix
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2. Is It Worth The Watch?

Yes…and no. I can’t deny that I enjoyed watching The Princess Switch 2. But as someone who’s a total sucker for holiday rom-coms, my reaction didn’t surprise me in the slightest.

The good news is it kept my attention for the entire hour and 37 minutes, which isn’t always the case with sequels. I liked that you don’t necessarily need to watch The Princess Switch first, if you haven’t already. Not only does the follow-up stand on its own, but it also goes above and beyond to remind the viewer about what happened in the original movie.

However, The Princess Switch: Switched Again is so cheesy, it’s borderline Disney Channel. (Think The Lizzie McGuire Movie with a royal twist.) I was pretty skeptical about the story line, since the first film was already pushing the boundaries in terms of The Parent Trap likeness…and it totally lived up to my expectations.

I mean, it’s fun! That said, it had obviously fake wigs. It had bogus accents. And of course, it had a semi-predictable story line that answered the majority of my questions. Not to mention, it left just enough open ends to tease the possibility of a Princess Switch 3. Royal baby alert!

I must note that who you watch the movie with will greatly impact your viewing experience. It can be experienced alone or with a significant other, friends or family—but be sure your Netflix buddies are aware that the plot is so unrealistic, it’s best enjoyed with an optimistic mindset (and a large glass of wine).

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